Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tell-All: Night Stand Edition

Brain dead.

That is me tonight.

Usually when I sit down to write or type out a blog post, the words flow. Not tonight. Cannot think of one interesting tidbit to share, one child story that I haven't already discussed, or one funny anecdote.

While I wait for the creative juices to flow once again, I thought I would ask what things you keep on your nightstand. I find the nightstand to be quite the telling piece of furniture, revealing all sorts of information about its owner.

And apparently I love a good expose.
Below is my nightstand, in all its glory

Contents include:

One phone base minus the cordless phone

One clock

One travel clock that I use for alarm purposes only (it has been with me since 1999...love it. Might cry if it ever dies.)

One baby monitor that I have not turned on in a good two months

One pair of glasses (can see Evelyn sporting such eye wear here)

One hair pin used to secure hair in bun before bedtime

Two writing notebooks, filled with various thoughts/ideas/ramblings

One bible, that has been with me since about 1991. Will cry if it is ever lost.

One stray receipt from Half Price Books

Book: Can You Keep a Secret?

Book: Positive Discipline for Preschoolers

Book: Down a Sunny Dirt Road (autobiography of Stan and Jan Berenstain, authors of Berenstain Bear series)

Here is a snapshot of Tobe's nightstand. It is a bit more tidy than mine. I am a tad too lazy tonight to actually walk over and examine the titles of his books, however I do know he is reading this book because I purchased it for him for Christmas. Notice the clock...I bought that for him after he ran his first marathon.

What is on your nightstand? Any good books or interesting objects ?


Tonight after bath, Isaac said, "Hey, Daddy, 'X' marks the pot!" I thought it was hilarious. I was the only one...like I said, I am a bit brain dead.


Check out this sweet girl feeding her Baby Kate. She is such a good mommy and only carries her babies by their hair on occasion these days. She insists on changing one of her doll's diapers before her own diaper can be changed. Cute little quirk...most days.

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Robin said...

Love the nightstand entry...currently, I am nightstandless, and it is a big problem. I have a tall dresser near my side of the bed, but it's just not the same. I have wanted a nightstand for quite some time but haven't find the perfect one. Jeremy brought his to the marriage. Mine was wicker and too ugly to keep. :)