Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Despite my misgivings about Valentine's Day being an actual holiday and not simply a day for flower grower's everywhere to hike the price of roses to an unspeakable amount, we had a great V-Day here at casa de phillips.

Friday evening, I made a heart-shaped pizza: I know that one can purchase a heart-shaped pan to create such a lovely masterpiece at home, but I scoff at such notions. Actually I just never made it to the store for such a purchase, so I opted to sculpt my own heart with my own hands before baking our pizza. Isaac was impressed....after I told him what shape the pizza was supposed to be. It was yummy despite its odd configuration.

Saturday morning the family awoke to a decorated breakfast table, filled with the Valentines we had crafted for each other and a few little treats for the kids (candy and art supplies...because one can never have too much of either). We feasted on heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes and juice and coffee. Again, the hearts were a bit more impressionistic rather than the traditional heart shape due to the fact I had to free hand "draw" them on the griddle. I forgot to snap a picture, but I am sure your imagination can only do their image justice.
Isaac is all about a holiday celebration so he was quite excited about the fact February 14th had finally rolled around. He came running into the living room that morning where I was having my quiet time and yelled, "Happy Valentines Day!" while still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

After breakfast, I packed the kids up to head out to the grandparents house for a 24+ hour stay. They anxiously awaited Nana's arrival, peering out the front door hoping to glimpse the Nanamobile (our name for Nana's cool van with DVD player). The two decided to do some packing of their own, stuffing odds and ends into the gift bags which had held their Valentine's earlier in the morning.
Gift bags (especially those purchased for 49 cents) were not designed to withhold the "loving" of toddlers or preschoolers. We are currently in need of scotch tape and packing tape here at casa de phillips after I had to use up our supply in failed attempts at reconstructing these bags various times.

Nana did arrive and took the kids away. After a brief pause to enjoy the silence of our house, Tobe and I packed ourselves up and headed out the door. We took in a movie, then left the suburbs for the lights of the big city.
In the big city we dined at one of our favorite restaurants (favorite because of the yummy Mexican food and also because of the absence of anyone under the age of 18) then caught Alejandro Escovedo in concert at a quaint music hall. Tickets to this concert were actually a Christmas present to Tobe from me and we were doubly fortunate the show was scheduled for Valentines.

We were lucky to meet Alejandro (Mr. Escovedo???) after the show and snap a quick photo with him. It was a great concert and a really intimate setting. Fun times, especially on Valentine's Day.
Because we were sans children and already had a room at a fancy hotel nearby, we headed out for dessert after the show. I had a brief moment of panic when we thought I had accidentally ordered the $95 glass of champagne rather than the $8 glass (I didn't...whew. That would have blown an entire week's grocery budget in a few gulps!), but were able to enjoy our yummy apple pie/cinnamon ice cream/hot buttery sauce concoction.
This morning we lingered over breakfast, watched morning television that did not involve animation, and talked without being interrupted. It was fun times.
After browsing a book store and making a quick trip to Banana Republic in hopes of finding a new pair of trouser jeans (somehow both the zipper broke and I ripped a hole in the side of my favorite trouser jeans this weekend), we set out to scoop up the kids from the grandparents. They were happy to see us, but both cried when they discovered they had to go home with us.
Apparently Nana and Papa are much more fun than Mommy and Daddy...I suppose that is the way life should be, huh?
We returned to casa de phillips early this evening and quickly got back into our groove, with Tobe doing laundry, Isaac practicing his baseball skills which somehow resulted in "accidentially" hitting his sister a time or two, and me unloading the dishwasher (my endless chore).
Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


Kelly said...

Fun times...isn't time away wonderful? And I say that with only 1 kiddo. I'm sure with 2 it becomes even more so. :)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Love the heart shape pizza. Hope you guys had a lovely Valentines.

Shanta said...

Loved every detail of the celebration! Can I drop my kid off at your parents?

Phillips Family said...

Shanta..sure you can drop off the kids at my parents, but they live a bit far. Tobe's parents actually live down the stree from you!

What happened to the formatting of this post?? Aaargh!

Robin said...

Am curious to know what restaurant it was...we are always on the look-out for a new Mexican place to try. :) Glad y'all got some time away...nothing like it to rejuvenate you and make the mundane tasks of everyday life a little less mundane. A little.