Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Wonder of the World Wide Web

As a freshman in college I kept hearing talk of this thing called the "World Wide Web".

I was a bit confused, because I could find no tool on the handy word processor I had drug to college titled "World Wide Web" nor had anyone told me about such a creature in my high school typing class (However, a fellow student did pierce her ears and those of a friend one day during said class. Ah, tales of high school. Tobe loves when I relate such stories.). As college progressed, so did my knowledge about this whole notion of the Internet. I quickly learned how to check my webmail in the university's campus center, how to find articles on the psychology database, and how to shop at Gap.com at all hours of the day.

Obviously I was taking full advantage of the Internet in those days.

Despite the fact that I can hardly remember the world before the World Wide Web became second nature to us all, I still struggle at times to completely embrace all of it has to offer. My computing skills have surpassed those of my word processing days, however can be a bit basic at times.

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Amy said...

Was that typing class or business law? Maybe both, as I recall a piercing taking place in my BL class!

Phillips Family said...

Perhaps it was Business Law where the piercing took place...

Now I am asking myself why I took Business Law in High School???