Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Are Goats the New April Fool's Day Joke?

Before I dive into this post, let me remind the readers of that casa de phillips is currently located in the suburbs.

That important piece of information is the very reason I was quite surprised this morning when I turned into our neighborhood to discover a man herding goats through an empty lot (empty...but owned). I happened to have the camera in my purse (E. and I were heading out to take pictures for her upcoming birthday invite...still editing the 247 pics that I took this morning) so I strategically attempted to snap pictures of this phenomenon while driving.

If this man happens to be a relative of yours, please tell him I apologize for putting his likeness on my blog without his permission. Also, please ask him why he herds goats in the city.
Goats, people. In my neighborhood. Grazing on grass.
Aren't these two little munchins sweet, sharing some sibling love?
A relatively new favorite pastime for these two is to hug fiercely or run around holding hands until someone becomes injured.
Great times.
Yesterday an all-out war was declared over a large map puzzle of the world. There were tears, cries of injustice, and some pretty angry kids. Both were sent to their rooms for an extended amount of time until the drama subsided.
They better watch that preschool behavior of theirs...I apparently know a goat Herder who is likely looking for some summer employees.


Kelly said...

Now that is way more impressive than the donkeys, cows, and horses by us.

Erika said...

Okay, I actually laughed quite loudly at that one!