Saturday, April 04, 2009

Breakfast with the Bunny 2009

This morning we woke the kids up bright and early, dressed them in some snappy clothes, and set off to dine with two furry animals wearing odd hats and an overload of polka dots.

It was our fair city's annual "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny".

Because it is late and because after a full day today we have an even FULLER day tomorrow, bear with me as this will simply be a picture and caption quote.

Isaac and Evelyn love them some Easter Bunny.
The craft table was an obvious hit with the phillips' kiddos

Isaac was very intent on his coloring, working on the same page for a looooooooooong time.

Such concentration

Showing the Easter Bunny the fruits of his labor...pretty good for a kid who is not four years old yet.

Evelyn likes to take a non-traditional approach to carrying the easter basket

Isaac with his eggs after the hunt

Checking out their loot
Post-egg hunt hair

After breakfast, we headed out to a field of bluebonnets

Sweet Evelyn
Attempting to torture their parents by never looking in the same direction at one time

Here are some links to breakfasts of Easter-past:




DCVol said...

Um, E's dress is SO SCRUMPTIOUS!!! They both are just precious and I really like the active shots of them in the bluebonnets~ beautiful.

Phillips Family said...

E.'s dress is my new obsession...hunting for pillowcase dresses on Ebay. You can find ANY pattern for ANY occasion and some people make them cheap. I think this one was $5.

Kelly said...

Uh, his coloring is really impressive. I'm not a coloring expert (I wonder if someone is one?), but wow! Future artist?

Thanks for the bb tip. That will be on the list this week for sure!

Jami said...

Seriously so cute and it make me almost want to move to the big city for fun things such as this. We have the same easter basket Ava likes to carry hers on her head.