Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's Link-tastic!

Here are a few links to enjoy on this very windy Thursday afternoon:
*Want to do some crafts in the month of April? Here is a list of a "craft-a-day" for this fine Spring month.

*Conquer menu planning just once a month with this simple plan.

*Mommyhood: It is complex, wonderful, frustrating, enlightening, grey-hair producing, and laughter abounding all at one time. If you have not read this famous essay by Anna Quindlen on motherhood, check it out.

*April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. Many of you know that I used to teach a group of children with autism spectrum disorders. I believe autism to be a disease of epidemic proportions (1 out of every 94 boys). Check out this site and make yourself a bit more aware of this issue. Beth Moore's blog has a post written by a guest author about her family's experience with autism.
Yesterday Evelyn and I trekked up to our local mega-hotel to take pictures for her second birthday party invites. I was struck with a divine revelation late yesterday afternoon on what her party theme should be and I am giddy with preparations. Let me be honest in saying I truly dread the day my kids ask for me to just drop them and a few friends off at the mall to celebrate their birthdays because kid party planning is terribly fun.
I have managed to delete 150 pictures from our outing yesterday, still leaving behind well over 100 photos. The editing process has been slow. Here are a just a few pictures that obviously will not grace the invitation, but are worth a good laugh:
E. telling the trains farewell. Notice the single tear coming out of her sweet eye. Parting with trains is terribly hard for Miss E.

Perhaps this should be the picture on the invitation, because this is pretty much the Evelyn we see when she is not sleeping. "Motormouth" might be an appropriate adjective to describe her.

This sweet boy (who was at school during the above photo sessions) thought his mommy had lost her mind this morning when she began pulling things from his closet and making him try them on. We are sorting out his summer wardrobe at the moment and had to determine if anything from last summer was salvageable.


Kelly said...

I LOVE Anna Quindlen's writing! I'm a Newsweek junkie, and her columns are some of (not always) my favs. I bought her book, Blessings, but haven't read it yet.

Cute pics of the kiddos, as always.

Robin said...

Already looking forward to hearing all about Evelyn's party prep and the actual event...not to mention storing away an addition idea for themes down the road. :) I am a birthday party junkie myself and am hoping against hope my kids never start asking for Dora or Spiderman parties. Do you think that's even a remote possibility???

Jennifer said...

I know....I dread the day when the boys just want to take a few friends to Six Flags. I love to plan the partys (although it's exhausting...especially since mine are 8 days apart in march) but it's still so fun to see it through.

Can't wait to see what theme you come up with!