Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's a Girl!

Casa de phillips grew by one member today.

Before the pregnancy rumors begin (I am NOT) or people believe I have gone insane and purchased a dog (remind me to one day tell the story of our two puppies who I chased down a major intersection in our town), let me calm the waters and say that we have chosen to sponsor a child through Compassion International.

I have had an itch to go to India since returning from Africa nine years ago. I have yet to have been provided with the opportunity to visit this country, but Tobe is clearly aware of the fact that one day we will indeed travel there. In the meantime, we decided that it would be good for our family to sponsor a child in India. I want our children to understand that most of this world's population cannot pop into their local Target when the organic yogurt supply runs low nor does everybody has the opportunity to attend school. I want them to know that it is our job to help out fellow man the best way we can in any given moment.

Meet Nagina:

...the fifth member of casa de phillips. Nagina turns five in a week.

I have to be honest and say in the past I was very hesitant about organizations that have people sponsor children in poverty-stricken areas. I have met someone in the past who worked for such an organization (not Compassion International) who had less than favorable things to say about such industries. His comments left me quite jaded over the years, question how much good someone could really do by mailing in a small monthly payment in hopes of helping a child. How is that money really allocated? Is some industry Fat Cat living the high-life with my $31 contribution each month, while tossing the extra buck out to those actually in need?

Did you guess I was such a cynic?

I recently decided that I needed to get past such cynicism and that as a family we needed to sponsor a child. Our children need to understand how other people live in this world. I am eagerly awaiting our Sponsor packet to arrive by mail so we can get to know more about our little girl in India.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion International, check out their website.

If you are interested in knowing more about their work in India, you can follow a group of bloggers who are currently blogging about this here.

Be sure to let me know if your family grows by one child today!


Sarah said...

I actually sponsored a little boy in Brazil through Compassion Intl since I was in high school (Jimmy Sites sold me on Compassion at one of our retreats!). The "little" boy JUST "graduated" from the program a couple of months ago, so Michael and I signed up to sponsor another little boy from Brazil.

You'll LOVE the letters you get from these kids. My final letter from my first sponsored child literally made me cry.

Congrats on your newest family member!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

That is fantastic! Although, I will admit that when I saw your blog title, my first thought was pregnancy.

Shelley said...

I think we are about to "sign-up" as well. We are thinking of a little boy from Hondorus since that is where we are going in just a few weeks :) How exciting!!! You and sweet girl will be blessed beyond measure...

Jennifer said...

Good for you! I know we feel blessed to help Michael (our child through World Vision)'s a great teaching tool for our kids here.