Monday, April 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

1. Thanks for all the comments about the countertops. They are actually Formica (standard countertop material) but we had to have a special beveled edge placed on it due to the odd shape of one counter (the one which houses the television). This special edge gave it a bit of a special quality, which I am thrilled about. I am still undecided as to what I am going to do with the television. I failed to mention that the corner shelf that can hold the TV costs a pretty penny...which is why we are contemplating simply replacing the television. Decisions, decisions. For now the TV stays where it is...which is quite fortunate for Isaac who has discovered he is tall enough to turn it on and flip the channel to Playhouse Disney. He has also discovered the his mother now hides the remote from him to prevent this from happening.

2. Jordan suggested a video tour of casa de phillips. House Hunters is one of my favorite shows simply because I love seeing what other people's homes look like on the inside. a few weeks, I will give a video tour of the home, showing one room a day.

3. Evelyn's second birthday party is this coming Saturday. I am trying to ignore the fact that our local weathermen are predicting rain for the ENTIRE week. It would be ideal if we could have the party in our backyard simply because there is more room for children to run and play. I think I have checked relentlessly since yesterday morning to see if the forecast has miraculously changed. As of today at 2:52pm, it has not.

4. In preparation for E.'s party, the kids and I hauled out the glitter and glue to work on some of the decorations. Can I just say I was terribly humbled when it was me who spilled the jar of glitter after giving a serious lecture about how we need to be terribly careful with such a craft?

5. Although I have already posted a video about Isaac's preschool program, I am just now getting around to posting some pictures from the big day. We really love Isaac's (and soon to be Evelyn's) school and are beyond pleased with the type work that is accomplished there. His teachers had good things to say about his character and his hard work, which is always nice for his parents to hear.

Hanging out after the program

Isaac and his teacher

Showing us the Art and Science room

Belting out a song.
None of the pictures from the actual performance turned out very well. I think it had to do with odd lighting and a mommy who did not adjust the settings on her camera

Greeting his sister as he entered the program.
Notice her hand in the bottom of the corner. She very delicately yelled, "I see Isaac!" no less than ten times as he entered the room.

Walking into school together "like a family" as Isaac likes to refer to it when we all hold hands.

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