Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For the Love of Boundaries

Tobe was beginning to fear for his life every time he entered the Master bedroom closet of casa de phillips. There was starting to become a very real possibility that a stray purse or a mishap shoe might very well bring about one our untimely demises.

Yesterday I decided that I personally did not care to exist around such a death wish so I pulled everything out of the closet that belonged to me (Tobe's side was immaculate, as always).

Pulling everything out of one's closet always seems like a great idea...until you realize that everything must be put back into the closet before bedtime that evening. I then assessed my space and decided that I need a bit more boundaries than these wire dividers were providing. Although useful, the wire dividers (which I am a big fan of) were not adequately containing my junk nor preventing a serious head injury from occurring.

Enter the plastic bucket...the perfect way to create boundaries (Everyone repeat after me, "Baskets create boundaries." This is my motto in home organization).

Yes, the baskets are of two different varieties. I already owned the white ones and could not find similar ones at Target. However, I did find these lovely green ones. Normally I would have gone for the white version for continuity, but those were $3 more than the colored baskets. I prefer to think of this as an eclectic approach to home organization rather than the notion of "I will always choose the cheaper product."

I placed plastic buckets on this particular top shelf of my closet. They hold the following items:

Bucket 1: Scarves (the essential accessory for Spring '09. I am questioning their practiciality in the Texas summer heat)

Bucket 2: Shorts (with the exception of workout shorts, which are kept in another area with like clothing)

Bucket 3: Jeans (with the exception of my collection of trouser jeans..which hang on hangers)

Bucket 4: Purses

Bucket 5: Potential Gift Items (this bucket is currently loaded with Bath and Body Works items after a recent discovery of a Bath and Body Works outlet)

Next to bucket five, resides my sweatshirts...all of which have some sort of collegiate theme. Sad, I know.

One might be questioning the logic of putting clothing items such as shorts and jeans in a bucket. Well, let me tell you a bit of a secret: I am terribly lazy when it comes to folding clothes. If I didn't have such a great husband who does all the laundry and folding, I would seriously need to invest in one of these pretty little numbers. For the life of me, I cannot keep dresser drawers tidy. Therefore, I moved shorts and jeans to the top of my closet. I added the bucket to keep them contained....because "baskets make boundaries."

After putting my buckets in place, I tackled clothes organization. I do manage to keep things (mostly) in their correct locations, such as dresses with dresses and pants sequestered with pants. Due to the change in season I switched out some of my clothes and pulled a few for donation. Winter coats were moved to make place for tank tops. I then tidied up my shoes and discarded any wire or broken hangers.

Last night we were able to crawl into a bed free of debris and Tobe was pleasantly surprised to enter the closet this morning without contemplating donning a hard hat.

I love a good organization project.

See this little girl?

Well, she was my helper. She had a great time carting around four purses on one arm and attempting to walk in my shoes. Of course, that was prior to her experiencing an itchy eye and demanding a trip to the hospital.

Like her hair?...she prefers using applesauce rather than the typical gel or product others tend to put on their locks.

Isaac has a school program tomorrow. Before going to bed for the evening, he reminded me that I needed to "remember to be calm."

Gee, thanks, son.

Just because I already have outfits laid out, cameras charging, and a plan for how to style my hair tomorrow doesn't mean that I am overly excited about our first school program.


I know I discussed a boring closet overhaul when many of you simply want to see if I installed red countertops in my kitchen or not. I was going to wait until we solved a little organization issues in there...however, I have decided to ask your opinion about such an issue. Post coming tomorrow!


The Binkley Family said...

In light of our upcoming move I have been doing a lot of closet restructuring myself. It is kind of liberating isn't it?!

Amy said...

It's actually a bit comforting to know that there was one place in your home that was a bit untidy :-) Congrats on finding a good solution for it! We have a reach in closet and very little space, and because I have issues with storing clothes in the attic, my upper heavens currently hold off-season items (though they are contained in large bins). We thought we were forced to use dresser drawers, but I think I'll reevaluate the upper heavens of my closet now to see if I can find some room for my jeans!

DCVol said...

I am inspired! You are right....baskets do create fab boundaries, and don't we all need a few more boundaries in our lives!?!?! My closet really needs to be tackled, so you've started the wheels turning in my head...but first my floors must be washed since they have been on my list of things to do for days :(. Anxious to see pics of your new kitchen!