Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday morning I told Tobe I wished I was a bear so I could hibernate.

Tobe usually attempts to convey some sort of interest/sympathy/understanding in response to my bold claim of the day, even when I make such odd statements (which happen frequently here at casa de phillips).

Hibernation has sounded quite glorious these past few days because I have just felt so very tired. I do not know if it is my allergies, the current phase of the moon, or the fact that my three year old has gotten in a habit of waking me up every night for the past week that is contributing to this fatigue. I do know that during bible study this morning, when the lights were dimmed and Beth Moore came on the large screen I secretly contemplated laying my head down on the table and taking a snooze.

I resisted the impromtu nap, mainly because I became wrapped up in both the Good Word and in wondering where Beth purchased the darling pair of jeans she was wearing.

The underlying message in all this whining is that I have nothing to write about today simply because my brain is a bit dead at the moment.

Sure I have Easter pictures to share and details on why I just googled, "Why does my toddler have big fits at the supper table each night"....but, again, those will have to wait.

In the meantime, enjoy this link:


Alison sent it to me because she knows my biggest wish is for one day to be in a public place when a spontaneous dance breaks out.


Jordan said...

That. Was. Awe. Some!!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE it! I have a slightly odd imagination where sometimes I'll be in a public place and wonder what would happen if everyone acted like we were in a musical. Wow, did I really just admit that? That being said, I love those kind of dance numbers. I still want to learn the routine at the end of Slumdog! :)

And as far as the dinner big fits, let me know if you find the answer! We could use the same help around here.

Shanta said...

That was so incredible. I love how everyone was so into it!

Rachel said...

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