Monday, April 06, 2009

Sick Day Wanted

Does someone have the number where I can call in sick today for my role as Mommy?

It appears that the hospital never passed such a phone number along when handing over either of our newborn babies. I have checked all their discharge papers. It's not there.

Today, as I have explained countless times to my sweet children, "Mommy's voice is sick."

Translated that means I have very little voice left, partially due to a cold I have been fighting and partially due to the fact that last night I sang, yelled, and sang some more for three+ hours.

See the picture below: This picture was taken around our children's normal bedtime. I am assuming the kids were in bed last night at that particular time, however I was not there to help with such an event (once again...yeah for four very involved grandparents!!!). Instead, I was about to head in to see The Boss with my cute husband. We love us some Bruce (especially Tobe) and this was our sixth time to see him together in concert (one of those times we were on the fourth row and I was pregnant with Isaac. Good times.).

It was another excellent show and I have the lack of voice to prove it.

The children had a great time at the grandparents and were all smiles when I arrived this morning to scoop them up. On the way home I explained that my voice was on the sick side and I needed to limit my talking.

This statement obviously translated in their little minds as "Please, ask Mommy a million questions on the twenty minute ride home."

There were an assortment of questions in the normal range of inquiries that could be ignored or answered with a simple "Hmm." or "Yes." then there were the deeper ones such as "Why did Jesus come out of the tomb?" that I felt a bit guilty about leaving unanswered. By the time nap time rolled around this afternoon, my voice was completely gone. Isaac had to "read" our bedtime story because I simply was not able while Evelyn sang the songs.

Now, while they sleep these final precious minutes, I am attempting to figure out how Mommy calls in sick to work...


Jordan said...

As someone who loses her voice every Spring and Fall due to hay fever, I undertand completely. Someone once told me that my children would emulate me on those days and get really quiet themselves...HA!

My advice? Drink some hot tea with honey and put on a DVD. :)

Shelley said...

Hope your voice returns soon. Mommas cant lose their voices and certainly never get a day off!!

Don said...

Come on up, Verizon.

Phillips Family said...

Don...was wondering how long it would take for such a "lyric" to appear on this quote. Thanks for not disappointing :)