Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Summary Just in Time for the Fourth of July

I figured I better hurry and get our Easter pictures posted considering I spied Fourth of July festive wear in Wal-Mart this morning. I would hate our Easter pictures and Thanksgiving 2009 pictures to be forced to share space on the same post.

We had two Easter celebrations, one on Saturday in the form of dinner out on the town (the kitchen sink was still not connected at that point) and an egg hunt and the other a more traditional Easter celebration on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon Tobe and Isaac went to run some errands when it was decided that Mommy needed flowers for Easter. Isaac firmly stated that my favorite flower was a rose, so roses I got. That boy sure is going to make a good husband one day.

The egg hunt began after dinner. God bless the grandparents because they donated fifty eggs to our little hunt. The kids would have been a bit bored with the measly 18 I had put together.

See our little auburn-haired beauty? My grandmother (a fellow redhead) is convinced E.'s hair is red. I still see quite a bit of brown, except for in the sunlight. We can all dream that it will be red one day...

Post egg-hunt happiness. Isaac found some cash in his eggs, which quickly went into his John Deere piggy bank. He has big plans for all that money he accumulated on Saturday. Hopefully such plans included the words "Roses" "mommy" or at the very least "Sonic Happy Hour."

Looking for more eggs...

Racing towards a spied prize...

Chocolate makes them the bestest of friends.

Easter Morning

Check out the kelly green combo. I will be so sad when the children want to choose their own Easter clothing and they no longer color coordinate.

Isaac did express an opinion about the dapper saddle shoes I had purchased to be his summer church shoes. Apparently they hurt his opinion that was generated before he actually tried them on his little feet. All dress shoes suddenly became terribly painful, with the exception of his too-small black winter shoes. I decided a battle was not worth it so he wore black shoes with navy linen pants. He did manage to wear argyle socks which made me terribly happy.

After snapping a few pictures and bribing a few smiles with the ever popular Starburst Jellybean (which later caused a huge yellow spot on the shoulder of Evelyn's cardigan sweater), we loaded up our crew and set out for church. As Evelyn walked into the building holding the hands of her Mommy and Nana, a rather "eager" church member raced his black Mercedes through the parking lot. He narrowly missed hitting Tobe's mom and managed to splash water all over E's legs and "pre-ty shoos" (We had some seriously heavy thunderstorms in the early hours of Sunday morning).


I am beyond bugged by careless drivers, especially when children are present, particularly my own children dressed up for Easter morning. I wanted to hunt that man down and have a word with him, but decided 1. That was not the Christ-like thing to do and 2. I am not nearly brave enough to invoke such a confrontation.

We held off on Easter baskets until after arriving home from church. We have never really made a huge deal about the Easter Bunny so no one found it suspicious that the baskets were waiting on the fireplace when we walked through the front door. Evelyn danced around joyously shouting "I got princess stickers!" loud enough for our entire block to know the contents of her Easter basket.

Easter is a great holiday because it mixes some childhood whimsy with a lot of serious thought about the foundations of our faith. The children have been especially chatty the days leading up to and preceding Easter about Jesus dying on the cross. Salvation and grace are such hard concepts for adults to understand and the Easter story has proved to be quite complex to the preschool mind. I have heard many retellings of the death and resurrection of Jesus from Isaac, some which end in the traditional sense and others which have a bit of a twist to their ending (Jesus coming to visit our house after exiting the tomb). The children have drawn crosses, constructed crosses, and fought over whether or not a local church's cross display is the actual cross (Isaac says that it is, Evelyn disagrees...mainly to disagree because she does not really understand the whole concept of the conversation).

Overall it was good times.

Made even better by a cute little pair of argyle socks.


nanny said...

Children's nanny will be looking forward to seeing these pictures in your WalMart photo album so that copies can be ordered!

Kelly said... the socks as well!

DCVol said...

You've got some adorable Easter cuties. Love the color combo and you know us Specks love us a good sweater vest......I'm anxious to see this new kitchen!

Jordan said...

Fifty eggs!! God bless grandparents. :)

Roses, sweater vests, argyle are raising that boy right!

Robin said...

Beautiful kids with a beautiful mommy! Looks like y'all had a fantastic day. I love the pic of brother/sister hugging. Priceless!