Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Linkage

Here are a couple of great links to enjoy this holiday weekend:

*We are big on family rituals and Simple Mom has a great post about such things today. Seems her family enjoys a homemade pizza every Friday might just like my little family.

*Tobe laughed so hard over this sleeping bag he almost cried. I think he might be secretly pondering if he could pull off wearing this backpack to work. I love getting to see a glimpse of the little boy he used to be every once in a while in my husband.

*An Easter thought from Beth Moore. I just love her and really admire her ways with a teasing comb (and her love for Jesus, of course).

*Pepperoni pasta is definitely going to make an appearance on an upcoming menu here at casa de phillips.


Every year I go on some sort of parental quest, thinking simply because I live in the state of the bluebonnet I need the quintessential bluebonnet picture of my child.

We have attempted such pictures in front of an Albertsons, teetering on the edge of a freeway. We have stepped in a fire ant bed attempting these pictures. We have driven for hours looking for an appropriate field of flowers with a nine month old Isaac in tow attempting these pictures. We have gone when the weather is hot, when it is cold...and yesterday, we went during a dust storm.

Seriously, the 30 minutes of the day that I dressed the children, loaded them up into the station wagon, drove to the bluebonnet field, unloaded everyone, bribed them with Sonic slushes, and attempted to snap pictures....a dust storm struck.

They were troupers (behold the magic of a Slush) and attempted to smile while focusing on not blowing away in the wind.

My "dream" bluebonnet picture still remains a dream. Perhaps one day...

Until then, enjoy these pictures.

This one pretty much captures the hurricane-force winds that blew through our area.

This one pretty much captures Evelyn's attitude the past few days.
Bless her heart.


Robin said...

These pics are great, despite the storm! Have you guys ever been to Ennis? It is the Bluebonnet Capital of the World (or something like that). We went the Spring Ian was born and I have NEVER seen so many bluebonnets. Definitely worth the drive with Tobe's help. :)


The Grovers said...

Well, first of all, we have to thank you for the links to the backpack and sleeping bag! We are now anticipating an e-mail when they have the backpacks in stock to gift to my nephew...that is if my husband will let us pry it from his own hands!
And yes, I have joined the Texan- mom's elusive dream for the perfect bluebonnet picture. We have tried twice in the last 48 hours!