Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cinderella vs. the Carseat

Apparently 102 degree heat and Cinderella fruit snacks are not meant to co-exist in the crevices of a certain little girl's carseat.

Such a discovery was made today around noon when I pulled E. from the car, only to discover the back of her capri pants and the cover of her car seat were covered in sticky, red, melted fruit snack.

Fortunately when I researched and purchased said carseat four years ago, I managed to buy one that requires the back to be unscrewed in order for one to remove the cover. (Yes, I have not washed the cover in four years and two children. I figure a little spot cleaning and some Febreeze have been sufficient until the Cinderella fruit snack encounter). What seemed like a good buy then is starting to look like a poor use of gift cards from Babies R Us. I am seriously considering throwing a party to celebrate when the day when the children graduate into booster seats as opposed to the traditional five-point harness carseat they both currently use.

The red goo has been scrubbed clean and the carseat now sits in the middle of my living room in various pieces as we wait for the cover to air dry. A bounty of old discarded raisins, french fries, goldfish crackers, a bent baby spoon, five stickers, and a forgotten toy were all discovered in the underbelly of carseat. Lovely.

Again, just another glamorous day in the life of a mommy.

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