Friday, June 19, 2009

Just My Toes, Please

Have I mentioned that my daughter is two?

Well, she is. And she apparently has read from the manual titled, "How to Drive Your Mother Crazy by Insisting on Independence 24/7".

The child wants to do everything, "by myself" from getting dressed, to fixing her hair,to pushing the cart at Target, to reading books, and exiting and entering the car....despite the fact that she can actually do none of the above by herself.

This morning as I was dressing her in one of her many adorable summer outfits (thank goodness we live in a hot-weathered climate, because we might not get all the wear from these cute sundress that they each deserve), she informed me she would put on her "underwears by myself." After much struggle, the "Sleepin' Booty underwears" (read: Sleeping Beauty underwear) was tugged up over her legs and onto her body. I was able to assist with the rest of the outfit by distracting her with the task of selecting a hair bow for the day.

As I was pulling out some cute ruffled socks to put on her feet, Evelyn pointedly told me "I no wear socks today. I no wear shoes today. I just wear my toes."

At least the power struggles are cute, huh?

I am sure such clothing battles will not be as adorable when she is 14.

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Robin said...

Heaving a hugely empathetic sigh over here. Clara (now 4) has opinions about EVERYTHING...from what clothes she wears in the morning to what she puts in her hair to which cup she uses for her juice to which car door she uses to enter/exit the vehicle to which book her brother should read at bedtime to her position in the bathtub (in front or in back of her brother). And Ian is no less opinionated. Of course I have no idea where they get this personality trait!!!