Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Field Trip

While in graduate school, there was an employee of a gas station I frequented (oh, how I miss you, Circle K Big Gulp) who always, ALWAYS had to say how I looked like this particular actress(in her "Caroline in the City" days as opposed to her "Back to the Future" days.)

I have realized in life if you sport a slightly rare commodity...such as red hair...people automatically assume you look EXACTLY LIKE someone else sporting the same slightly rare commodity, regardless of age, size, ethnicity.

Today was our first Friday Field Trip of the summer and we set off for the big city Farmer's Market. We have a few smaller farmers markets close to casa de phillips, but I wanted the children to experience one on a large scale. Both kids were armed with their own shopping bags, wads of cash, and grand plans on purchasing something delicious.

We were just bopping our way along all the stands when a man jumped in front of me and practically shouted, "Oh My Goodness, you are Laura Ingalls!"

I smiled and said "Thank you, but I am not." assuming the man merely meant that I looked like Laura Ingalls (should Laura Ingalls wear shorts, a pheasant top, large silver earrings, wedge sandals, and have two children holding onto her hands).

"Are you Laura Ingalls?" the man inquired.

Again, I assured him I wasn't...especially since Laura Ingalls is a FICTIONAL. CHARACTER. and Melissa Gilbert is at least fifteen years older than me.

This did not seem to phase the man, who went on and on about how I look just like ol Laura and was I sure that I definitely was not her.

I contemplated telling him I was and offering an autograph (do I sign "Laura" or "Melissa"???) but managed to steer the children past his booth and become terribly interested in some slices of watermelon a few feet away.

Besides this mishap, the children and I had a marvelous time. Evelyn looked simply scrumptious in her pigtails and Isaac was all about speaking to the local farmers about their produce.
Of course, they managed to find some handy little "drums" to have a spontaneous street performance for all those watching.

After shopping, we decided to take a break and make lunch out of some of the items purchased and a few more bought from a local concession stand.

Isaac was beyond thrilled with his purchase of shelled peanuts, a new favorite thanks to a local restaurant in my parents' hometown which serves these and allows customers to toss the empty shells on the ground.
See that white shirt? Not a great idea considering we sampled a wide variety of fruits and veggies today. That white is now marked with various shades of purples, reds, and blues. Oh well. The boy had fun and I own a laundry stain stick, so I think we are okay.

It was a great morning and I had some quiet children on the drive back to the suburbs. They are both sleeping right now, with bellies full of fresh produce.

As for me, I am off to wash the laundry in the river and see if Pa needs any help tending to the horses.
Happy Friday!


brianchante said...

Okay, I totally feel your pain. A few years ago when Trista was the Bachelorette I could not go anywhere without people thinking I was her. One time I was at a Barry Manillow concert and this lady thought I was her. The more drunk this lady got the more convinced she was that I was Trista. She would scream "OMG I can not believe I am sitting near Trista." "Hey Trista, Where's Ryan?" It was crazy and the worst part is my sister and I could hear other people actually talking about how I might really be her.

Jennifer said...

that is too funny. Some people! Glad you guys had a fun day!

Sydni said...

Laura Ingalls! That girl is rrreally in my life these days. Hmmm.

Kelly said...

That is just odd. Sounds like a fun day, though.