Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Link Love

Allow me to set the scene for you as to the current state of casa de phillips:

I am sitting at the kitchen table, munching on popcorn and ice tea, while a bare-chested little boy wearing an art smock sits across from me. He is elbow-deep in construction paper, paint, glue, and crayons. More than once he has narrowly missed losing one of those beautiful blue eyes as he attempts to climb up and down out of his chair to constantly retrieve stray art supplies while holding scissors (not allowed...he tends to do said scaling while I am focused on the computer). The little boy has quite the intense look of concentration spread across his face as he attempts to meet his goal of making the perfect combination of paper and glue...a face covered in smears of chocolate after consuming a particularly tasty snack (chocolate chip muffin...yum).

Good times, my friend.

If you are wondering where E. happens to be in all this crafty chaos, well she is still sound asleep in her crib. Baby girl needs some long afternoon naps to make it through her evening.

Because it is Friday, I thought I would provide some interesting links for you to browse over the weekend. Enjoy!

* I won a $50 gift certificate, courtesy of the MomBlogs, from this retailer. I am ecstatic about deciding what to buy with such a gift! Now that I have won this awesome prize, I most likely will have to quit complaining about how I never won any door prizes during all festive give-aways in college.

*I made this cold treat the other night for Tobe and me to enjoy while we watched random wedding videos. Delicious!

*Mommies, take some time to read this post about marriage and mommyhood.

*Can it be true...can I really create the perfect salad at home?

Happy Friday...Enjoy your weekend!


DCVol said...

Thanks for all the awesome blog links~ how in the world do you follow so many blogs and how did you find them all?!?!? Good, good stuff.

Ashley said...

Thanks for all the links! What a fun way to spend part of my Saturday morning!!

Phillips Family said...

I subscribe to a variety of blogs through Google Reader. When I come across an interesting post, I simply "star" it and keep it in my save folder. This makes putting a link post up super easy!

If anyone happens to try out that Olive Garden salad, let me know!

Kingdom Mama said...

Thanks for the link!;)