Tuesday, June 02, 2009

School's Out for Summer!

This morning, as we watched the rain fall heavily onto our backyard from the breakfast table, Isaac sighed loudly and dramatically proclaimed, "I miss all my friends from school."

That seemed like a perfectly reasonable proclamation to make since he has been out of preschool for precisely six days now.

It could be long summer here at casa de phillips if such proclamations continue to be made at the breakfast table.

Here is our beaming 3.5 year old on his last day of preschool last week. It was the standard water day, which seems to be a requirement for schools in our area. Here is our freshly-turned three year old back in September on his first day of preschool for the 2008/2009 year.

According to his teacher's records, Isaac grew three inches this year and gained 4.5 pounds. WhooHoo! Before becoming a mother, I never realized how proud I would feel each time I had positive proof that my children are getting taller and gaining weight. I think there should be some sort of letter jackets (like the ones worn by high school students) for mothers, with patches available for such milestones. This proof of growth makes those occasional dinner time battles seem (slightly) worth it.

And...Just in case you were keeping track, Isaac has now declared baked beans to be his all-time favorite food. Wanting to keep my child happy and fed, I cooked a large pot of said beans to accompany our supper last night. I believe he ate six beans total.


His sister on the other hand ate about five servings of corn. This is slightly impressive, except for the fact she is in the throws of potty training. To put it delicately, corn is never one's friend when diapering or potty training a child.

Anyway, let us get back on track and look at Isaac's last day of preschool. Because I want to provide the healthiest breakfast I can for my children, we feasted on donuts before school that morning. It was always a tradition in my house growing up to get donuts on the last day of school. This is a tradition I think needs to be carried on through the ages, especially since it means an excuse for me to eat a donut as well.

Isaac's friend rode car pool with us that last day of school. I was greatly entertained by the excited conversation that took place in my backseat between these two three year olds. They share such a sweet friendship and had many stories to share since they had not talked in over a week.

We are quite blessed by Isaac's school situation and the education and love he receives there. This year he has learned how to write all of his letters, started to read, learned his basic addition facts, created more art projects than our refrigerator can keep up with, and has had a blast with his pals. It has truly been a successful school year for our boy.

Evelyn begins school in the fall. She is more than ready (the question still remains of is the school ready for her???). She and I enjoyed one last "girls lunch" before welcoming summer.

Here is Miss E. at Girls Lunch last week:

Here is Miss E at our very first Girls Lunch in September 2008:

I would say my master plan for her hair is coming together nicely, wouldn't you? In September she was barely walking...this past week she ordered her own cookie at the counter. Where does time go?


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Jennifer said...

those are sweet pictures and so neat to see how the kids have grown this school year! Hope you guys have a great summer!

Jordan said...

It makes me a little sad to see how much they've grown in a year! Mostly because then I realize how much my own children have grown in a year. Sheesh!

I'm dying to see what wonderful summer activities you've planned for your family! You are very inspirational!