Friday, June 26, 2009

Link-tastic Friday!

My local weatherman informed me it was going to be 103 today. Words cannot express how terribly uncool such a temperature is to me.

In case you happen to live in a similar climate (Bless Your Heart, if you do), here are a few links to keep you inside and occupied while the air-conditioning runs full blast this weekend.

*I am contemplating making these because I believe chocolate and peanut butter to be the all time best pairing ever. I am hesitant though because I fear how many sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups I will have to do at Boot Camp on Monday to make-up for the calorie count of these little beauties.

*Once again, SimpleMom has posted some great articles this week. Check this one out about clutter (ooh...the body clutter part is really making me second guess the chocolate peanut butter goodness listed above) and this one out about organizing one's life (Isaac's new favorite past time is to organize and sort things. I keep finding random stuff sorted by size, color, and type all over the house.)

*Nemo is a favorite around casa de phillips and I know my kids will flip for this project. I am thinking of doing a flag version next week for the 4th of July.

*Millions of people watched the public announcement of a couple's divorce this week. I posted about it here. Check out two more posts on the topic of marriage (neither discusses the whole "Family of Ten" debacle, for those of you bored to tears by this family). Beth Moore's daughter discusses marriage and Simple Mom hosts a guest writer to speak on the subject.

*Here is a great post regarding lessons learned from one's dad, penned by a close friend of casa de phillips.

*I *heart* doing crafts with my kids because it provides a great way for the three of us to sit down at the table and work on a project. The best conversations are a result of our gathering around the table, elbow-deep in glue and paper. When I was a teacher and I really needed to get through to a student (or students), I would pull out some sort of craft. Lines of communication just seem to open when crayons and cutting paper are involved. Check a post on this very topic here.

*Not only is the photography on this blog superb, the ideas are greatness. I believe we will be playing the "Family Lunch Game" very soon.

What links have you discovered this week?

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Katherine Marie! said...

I sooo agree... ART projects really inspire us to sit down at the table and connect with each other. Developing relationships is what it's all about ... the artistic outcome if pretty incredible too. A WIN WIN!!!

I can't wait to see photos of your family lunch game!!! :) :)