Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fruit of the Spirit: All You Need is LOVE

Fruit of the Spirit: Love

Bible Story: The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:27-37). We used the version found in this series.

Craft: Make a card for someone to show them you love them (idea courtesy of my friend, Robin).

Additional books: All the Ways I Love You I Love You Through and Through I Love You, Stinky Face

Extended Activity: We do not simply discuss the Fruit of the Spirit on Monday and then abandon it for the rest of the week. We talk about it A LOT...fortunately I have children who love to talk, so they do the majority of the talking. I look for examples in the everyday (i.e. "How could you show love to your sister other than pushing her off the couch?") to make the character trait a bit more "real." Work the character trait into everyday talk, point out examples (i.e. "See how many showed love to that person who just cut her off in traffic?), and keep the communication lines open. I taught social skills for four years to a small group of children. The lessons that really stood out to them stemmed from those that popped up in everyday conversation.

Isaac and Evelyn mailing their cards
Below is an example of something that brings me a ton of joy (this week's Fruit of the Spirit here at casa de phillips).....what is more adorable than a pool-drenched little girl sporting goggles (pink goggles, to be exact)?


DCVol said...

Such cuteness! Great ideas and I always appreciate you tidbits of wisdom from back in your teaching days :).

Robin said...

I keep meaning to say that this Summer we are using the song that goes, "Love, love, love, love...the gospel in a word is LOVE...love thy brother; love thy sister...love, love love" as sort of a theme song. Each week, we change the word to the new Fruit of the Spirit and insert a new verse that kinda/sorta fits musically. The kids are having a grand time making up new verses, as am I!

Love the pic of Evelyn in her goggles. I need to get Clara some...yesterday at a friend's pool Clara asked MY FRIEND if she would buy some for her. :)