Thursday, June 04, 2009

Links to Get Your Summer Movin'

Did you happen to catch my summer schedule on yesterday's post?

Hopefully you did, hopefully you actually were able to read the version in which I actually remembered to post the link to the schedule (deepest apologies to those of you who had two posts from me in your reader inbox), and perhaps you were a bit inspired to get your own summer moving.

Here are a few links from other blogs containing summer schedules, summer ideas, and just plan creative information:

*Make and Take's Bucket of Summer Fun

*Dish up some Letter Pizza, courtesy of No Time for Flashcards.

*A compilation of various mother's summertime schedules, via Girl Talk

*Perhaps you want to get a bit more organized this summer...if so, head on over to ListPlanIt and check out there amazing assortment of lists. Is it sad that such an array of lists makes me a bit giddy?

*I am hoping to transform a little nook in my bedroom into a writer's corner (pictures will be posted when..and if...this happens). These kiddie writer's corners are fantastic and now I am dreaming of ways to make one for Isaac and Evelyn.

*I seemed to have derailed a bit and have moved from summer schedules to home organization...but Oh. My. Goodnes. Check out this home organization system. It almost made me weep. Then it made me hurriedly search Craig's List for "Old School-House Chalkboard." This really could become a reality in our laundry room sometime before school begins in August.

What is a good summertime link you would like to share?

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Katherine Marie! said...

I hope you find a chalk board!!! If not, perhaps you could make or paint your own??? I think the laundry room would be the perfect place for your family center.

Thanks for the other links and inspirations! I think listplanit sounds fantastic!!!