Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog with Integrity

Lately I have been doing some research on Mommy blogging for an article I am writing. Seems this is a hot topic, some of it spurned by recent questionable activities by high-volume bloggers (I shudder to use the word "famous"). Mommy blogging is big business, especially for people generating heavy traffic on a daily basis (meaning 3,000+ hits a day....savethephillipsfamily is not close to generating such visitors). It is rumored that one of the top Mommy bloggers out there brings in $40,000 a month from her blog (I believe she said this on Oprah to be fact, but cannot find a link to verify this statement. I do know her husband quit his job to work on her blog.)

I am not against Mommy blogging (obviously) nor am I against all the advertising and give-aways done through such websites (I am hosting a few giveaways myself this week...Stay Tuned!). Because this is a relatively new advertising source, there have been no restrictions placed on blogs.

Until now.

Word is that change is coming to the blogworld. Some mommy bloggers have taken the initiative to demonstrate that their blogs are 100% genuine...that they are simply telling their story, conveying information, or providing a service to their readers. They may or may not accept ad revenue, they may or may not host giveaways, and they may or may not have sponsors. They may have 7,000 readers or only being writing for an audience of five. Regardless of how they are blogging, they want the world to understand that their blog is truthful and being presented with integrity.

If you happen to blog, consider signing the "Blog with Integrity" pledge and grabbing a button for your blog.

I am getting off my soapbox to resume the organization project I began this morning. I hope to have it finished by this afternoon, especially if the husband intends on getting into the house from the garage.

Giveaway information coming soon....


Smockity Frocks said...

I have seen some of the uproar and I saw the button a while back.

The thing is, the button is meaningless because anyone can stick that thing on their blog and then go on to publish whatever they want.

And wouldn't the MOST dishonest bloggers be the first to proclaim that they are "blogging with integrity"? (Not saying that whoever has it is dishonest.)

The bottom line remains that we should each take whatever we read with a grain of salt. It might be true, or exaggerated, or a down right lie.

I make a little money with my blog and I say whoever can make some money, more power to 'em. That in itself doesn't indicate whether or not the blogger has integrity, only that they may have an astute business sense. As always, "Buyer beware", the "buyer" being the reader.

Smockity Frocks said...

A couple more thoughts...

The button reminds me of a little child saying, "I PROMISE!!!" when they want to make sure you believe them. We tell our children to "let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no'". Just tell the truth every day and there is no need to PROMISE.

Secondly, I'm giving away a $200 Visa gift card tomorrow. No hoops to jump through, either. Just leave a comment to win. Be sure to stop by!

Phillips Family said...

Good thoughts, Smockity Frocks! Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the heads-up on your giveaway. I will be sure to stop by!