Sunday, August 09, 2009

Friday morning before darting out the door for Boot Camp I decided to finally update my August calender that hangs from the phillips family fridge. It had been staring blankly at me for days, just waiting for some important dates to be scrawled across its page. Despite the fact that I risked being late for class, I opted to write on my calendar for a few moments before leaving.

Doing so reminded me that summer is coming to a fast end over the next few weeks. Isaac is counting down the days until September and to when he can go back to school (what can I say..the boy loves him some school). There are a few projects I meant to accomplish around the house this summer that have yet to be completed. This week I am going to attempt to knock out a few of those.

I plan on blogging said projects and their finished result, hopefully posting a few pictures along the way. Also during the week I have a few things to GIVEAWAY! Yippee!

Be sure to check in this week to see what I am doing around the house and have a chance to win something great.


Thanks for all the hair suggestions. I still have not come to a conclusion as to when and how I will cut my hair...other than definitely deciding that I will not use one of my husband's friends as a hairstylist nor resort to purchasing the bob-in-a-box (thanks, anonymous for that tip. Unfortunately I cannot cut paper in a straight line.). By the way, doesn't everyone love how my mom always signs her comments "MOM". She always signed notes like that as well. So cute how such a handwriting trait has carried over to the Internet...

I'll let you know when a hair decision has been made. Today one child managed to get a Little People helicopter stuck in the hair while another moved a large section of it to lay down next to me. How does Crystal Gale cope?

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