Thursday, August 06, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut

When Isaac was about five months old, I decided to begin growing my hair out. At the time it sat right above my shoulders and thinning drastically due to having just experienced a pregnancy.

3.5 years later, I am still growing it out.
The plan is to donate the hair to Locks of Love at some point. At first I was waiting to have hair long enough to donate (I want some hair to remain on my head...and I cannot go too short as I will look like an awkward teenage boy). Then I was waiting for the hair to get a bit longer. Now I am apparently waiting for a representative of Locks of Love to come to my house in the middle of the night and cut the hair in my sleep because I am a bit timid of actually cutting it myself (and by "myself" I mean driving to a salon and paying good money for someone to cut it for me).

Tobe suggested it might be time to cut the hair when the other night I temporarily lost two bobby pins in my massive locks (For the record, he likes the long hair. He did not think he would when I began this process ions ago.). I often have to ask the children not to sit, stand, pull, place play-doh in, or color on my hair. Because I have unusually thick hair and because we live in a place where summertime temperatures reach 128 degrees on a typical August day, my hair also sheds. A lot. This can be quite disconcerting to my family.
Basically, I think the family might be over my long hair.

Let me be clear in stating that I do want to donate the hair...eventually. I just cannot work up the courage at the moment to say good-bye to this mass of red. Here are my current excuses:

  1. The children may not recognize me with short hair. Despite the fact they are 4 and 2 and incredibly smart, they have only known me with long hair. What if they wonder who this strange, short-haired lady is roaming around the house bemoaning the fact she can no longer sport a ponytail? (By the way, do not dare refer to Isaac as being 3 years of age. I made the mistake at the pool yesterday as we were entering and he was not happy with me for placing him in such a baby age bracket. Sorry, dude.)

  2. My hairstylist refuses to cut my hair. Seriously. She knows I have been growing it out and knows I will eventually come in to have it all cut-off. She has clearly stated she will not and cannot be the one to cut it. (She will, however, cut it into a style once the length has been removed.)

  3. I do not have a good hairstyle in mind as a replacement style. Any suggestions? I need something that can be pulled out of my face for when I work-out, yet something just a bit sassy. Thoughts? Ideas?

I have included the random pictures of myself simply to illustrate how long the hair is at this point in time. Some of these shots are a few months old, so tack on about an inch and you can determine how long it is in real life.

Is it time for a cut? Should I just keep growing it for a few more months? Any hairstyles y'all are digging right now that would be a good option for me?


Jenni said...

sounds like it is time to cut....though if you have made it through almost the whole summer, I'd let it continue to grow through this winter and then chop it off next spring as it gets warm. You will most definitely get colder this winter with shorter hair.

and I think your kiddos will do fine with your hair change....when my daddy shaved off his beard for the first time in my sister's life when she was 2, she did sit on the counter to watch him shave so as to avoid the "who is this crazy man?" issue.....but I think mom hair is different that dad facial hair

just my two cents (from someone who is constantly growing and chopping my hair....)

DKDFW said...

Lynley, as a gift to you, I will cut your hair. All I need is a beer, a pair of rusty shears and an audience.

Smockity Frocks said...

My hair is about the same length, but curly. I say KEEP IT! It is gorgeous and very unique. Not many ladies have long hair these days.

jannykay said...

I'm with Jenni, for what it's worth. Winter would be a strange time to go short. Let it grow until spring and then you will still have a lot left to work with!

Anonymous said...

Just don't do an a-line bob... there are just too many to count now! Speaking of A-line bobs… one of my stylists showed me girl the other day who used that DIY product at and I kid you not the haircut looked nearly identical as one done at our salon. Very impressive results and I don’t doubt it will save her some money without looking like she cuts it herself. She was proud to tell me that it as her husband who made the cut before she donated.

kristofer and ivy said...

hey - I don't know you; just happened upon your blog by accident while searching for something online. I say cut it, but I'm looking forward to 95-degree weather this weekend and long hair sounds so HOT. I don't know how short you have to go to have enough to donate. Hair at or above my shoulders makes me crazy.

I'm off to scour your archives now. I've go a two month old and a two year old at home (23 months apart) and I'm hoping to steal some tips from someone who's been here before.


Amy said...

I agree with your mom and Jenni. Also, since you love some ponytails, try to get enough length to keep that as an option (at least for gym time). I say that b/c I have days I just need my hair out of my face and off my neck and many times I have wanted to curse my short hair (I have since grown it out).

Shanta said...

So ironic... I just made a hair appointment before I got on to check email and blogs... I can't wait- momma needs a new do! Last I checked, we live in a fine area that is well equipped with a/c in the summer and heat in the winter. Why in the world would you be so cold in the winter just from a hair cut? Put on a turtleneck people! There's nothing as rejuvenating as a new hairstyle. I say go for it NOW. You'll be wishing you did every day you don't do it. If you wait until the spring, that's like EIGHT MONTHS from now. You have gorgeous red locks my friend- it will look very cute and sassy no matter your style.

Katherine Marie! said...

Your hair is so long and gorgeous ... you can cut and donate and still have an incredible "not-boy-short" style. I thinking something with wispy bangs a little below your shoulder would be so pretty.

Some little angel will appreciate your gorgeous locks and you WILL still look stylish and beautiful!! It's a win win!!!! Can't wait to see the after pics... :):)