Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day at the Park

Yesterday the children and I set sail for a local amusement park to enjoy some time with friends. We live in a rather large area with a semi-famous amusement park but did not seek out any adventure there. Instead we headed out for a small, cozy, and a bit antiquated park on the other side of town.

We enjoyed our time there (along with the other 12 people in attendance...not really a busy place) and even survived the summer heat. The children took a boat out for a spin

And raced their cars around the track (at quite a zippy little speed, I might add. My friend and I were laughing over just how fast this "kiddie" ride actually went).

We rode a train and a carousel as well. Can I just say that as a parent I really am not a fan of the carousel? My children are still at an age where they need an adult to ride standing next to them. The carousel yesterday had no safety straps, no ropes to hang onto, and no bars to grip. I suppose one was simply supposed to hold onto the plastic mane of their beloved horse and ride into the wind.

After finding two horses together that met with both children's standards, I placed them on their stallions and then attempted to hold on to both of them to prevent the three of us from becoming a story on the 6 o'clock news. E. was wearing a swimsuit and cover-up (therefore sliding everywhere on her plastic horse) and Isaac was not a fan of his mother holding onto him. All the while I was attempting to steady them while not becoming dizzy from the tight turns of the carousel. I was thankful when the 45 second ride came to an end and we could continue on with our amusement park journey.

After our ticket stash was depleted, our group set out for the pool. The kiddie pool is advertised as being three feet deep, yet it came to Isaac's chin. This did not phase the boy who waded out into the "deep" end. Fortunately there were only two other people in the massive pool (it is huge) so I was able to keep a close eye on the boy and his high water antics. Earlier this summer Isaac fell into a regular pool without wearing a life jacket. Fortunately I was right there in the pool and scooped him up, but the experience has made him a bit nervous in bigger pools. Yesterday was a great exercise in letting the boy be courageous while stifling my tendency to hover all the while attempting to keep everything on a safe level. I ask you, why was such a skill not taught in my child preparedness class?

Swimming was a success (even after my friend and I discovered a large section of the pool had stuff growing on the bottom. Hello, crypto virus!), we enjoyed a lunch picnic, and then swam some more before calling it a day.


As someone mentioned, I am the queen of give-aways this week. I have one more thing to giveaway, but I am going to hold off on that until next week. However, feel free to enter any and all of the give-aways I am hosting. Winners will be announced tomorrow (possibly in the morning...most likely in the afternoon. The phillips family likes to spend Saturday mornings by the pool.)

Good luck!

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Nice to see those kids are playing joyfully..
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