Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Interview of a Four Year Old

To mark the entrance into his fourth year of life, I interviewed Isaac about his current likes in life. Below are his answers and answers that I observe to be true in daily life (those are in parathenses).

Food: Spaghetti (cooked carrots, baked beans, any type of bread product, apples, chocolate milk)

Snack: Peanut Butter Bars (pretzels, fruit snacks, fruit)

Toy: Deigo toys, Geotrax (any type of craft product, Leapster)

TV show: Go, Deigo, Go! (Deigo, Special Agent Oso, Berenstain Bears)

Movie: Toy Story 2

Friends: Avery, Morgan, Will, Natalie, Kaitlyn

Places to go: Chuck E. Cheese, Central Market, Library, School

Store: Toys R Us

Places to eat: Souper Salad (Souper Salad and Jason's Deli)

Books: Nate the Great, Berenstain Bears

Things to do: Play Mario Kart, read, color, sleep (I questioned this last answer considering the boy would get up at 5am if allowed)

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Specks said...

Adorable answers~ he seems so grown up to me! He is obviously such a sweet and tender-hearted little boy. Happy Birthday to him~ the party pics are awesome.