Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Tale of Survival and Smocked Dresses: One mother's attempt to navigate a consignment sale

Watches were repeatedly checked to see if the appropriate time had arrived. Eyes shifted about cautiously, assessing the competition. Legs and arms were stretched, ensuring that muscles were warm and limber.

Surveying this group of women (and one lone man) that had convened in the halls of the Plano Centre, one might think these mamas were getting ready to begin a 5k race or compete in a great physical feat of motherhood. No one would suspect these women were preparing to do some serious back-to-school shopping..(To read more, go here)


Stephanie said...

Hey don't tell everyone our secrets.... :) I will be there Saturday night with the consigner's sale. When are you going? Are you volunteering? FB me if you want to go with us.

Specks said...

Fabulous narration....I actually just went to my first consignment experience tonight and am still wrapping my brain around the "southern mothers shoving each other out of the way to to find their babies the best smocked dresses and john-johns available". I got some good grabs and will have a much better strategy next time :).