Friday, August 28, 2009


When Isaac was a baby I remember thinking sometimes, "How will I fill my day today?" There were the obvious tasks of cleaning, of cooking, of giving bottles, of playing with the baby toys, and of putting down and getting the boy up from naps. All of those things are obviously "busy" type things, but some days I craved something a little more exciting and a little less "mommy-ish."

Then a few months later, I became pregnant with Evelyn and shortly after that (nine months to be exact) she arrived and the days have been filled ever since. It is typically good busyness, not always so "mommy-ish" and is entirely different from those early days of just being home with a sweet little baby.

Take today for example.

Today I have driven back (hopefully successfully and with little drama...I am actually typing this on Thursday evening and setting it to post on Friday afternoon.) to casa de phillips from my hometown. I have navigated six hours in the car with two small children. I have likely reminded myself that a dear friend has driven six hours in the car with three small children (one a nursing infant) and a dog, so therefore I can do it with just my little crew. I have also likely eaten my weight in teddy grahams.

Upon arriving home, my crew will be sent off for naps (my children appear to be unable to sleep in the car. Odd, huh? Even as babies they never slept in the car.) while I unpack the car. I will then turn around and repack the car with a variety of things I am selling in a local consignment sale.

In the late afternoon the husband will arrive home. I will greet him warmly considering we have been apart for three days. I will then set off to drop-off my items at said consignment sale and then work a four hour shift at said consignment sale.

I most likely will sleep a very deep sleep tonight.

On Saturday I will arise early to partake of the grocery shopping because the cupboards are beyond bare at casa de phillips. The husband will get his hair cut. Then we will pack a tasty lunch and set out for the local pool. It will be the last pool day of the summer of 2009 so we hope to enjoy it greatly.

After a few hours in the sun, we will head back home to put the children down for naps. I will change clothes quickly and leave for the consignment sale. There I will stake my claim in line and wait patiently for my turn to shop.

Many bargains will be found and I will return home to a family in need of supper and attention. Children will be fed, bathed, and put to bed and the husband will start the laundry. Perhaps I will unpack. Or put the groceries away. Or stare at the wall mumbling senseless phrases.

It is a good busy, a blessing to be able to partake in a variety of events in the next 72 hours.

But it is a whirlwind.

What kind of whirlwind is blowing through your life right now?


As I mentioned above, the children and I were out of town this whole past week. I didn't say much on the blog as to prevent thieves from attempting to steal our one lone television or my $7 clock radio (the laptop, ipods and jewelery are with us...sorry!). So, yes we have been out of town and are back home now.

I have been dying to share a few pictures from our week. Here are just a few from our family adventure on the lake. Details and stories to follow soon...


Robin said...

I can hardly wait until your dad decides to upgrade his boat and Terry buys his old one. :) Looks like SOOOO much fun!! Love Heber...


Ashley said...

Your fam is so cute! Glad you guys finished summer strong! Loved your consignment sale story as well

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I am very impressed that Isaac can now drive a boat and a tractor.