Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Decade's Gone By

The world reflected on the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana's death this past week. This anniversary is significant here at casa de phillips...not because we are Royal Family fanatics (I am sure they are lovely people)....but because the night of Princess Diana's tragic car accident, was the first time Tobe and I hung out together. How sweet, huh?

I had moved to 1017 Washington Blvd that summer with my four roomies to kick off our junior year of college. Tobe showed up on our doorstep one August afternoon, mainly because he used to hang out with the former residents of 1017 and change is hard for him. A group of us went to the famous Abilene Speedway and then settled in at our new casa to enjoy a bit of late night television. It was then that we heard about the tragic car crash (and being young and ignorant believed it first to be a poorly written Saturday Night Live skit).

Ten Years. A decade of hanging out with this brown hair, brown-eyed boy. I believe we have spoken everyday since then, with the exception of the months I spent in Africa. Last night I asked him if he would have ever believed ten years ago that he was sitting in the same room as his future wife/mother of his two children. I was hoping for some thoughtful, sweet answer and instead he replied, "That would have completely freaked me out." Thanks.

Pictures...yes, we have new ones of our children but they are still on the camera. I know many of you simply come to this site to see the pictures (and hear an occasional duck story). Soon, dear readers. Currently we are battling our first cold of the season. Tobe and I spent a good 30 minutes tonight discussing ways to keep Evelyn's head elevated so she could breathe and not suffocate. Currently she is sleeping swaddled, in her swing, which is in her crib. We keep checking on her every five minutes to make sure she hasn't been projected out of the swing or something equally dramatic. Hopefully this is just a mild 24 hour thing and not a seven day thing.
Happy Labor Day!


Shelley said...

Hey... you may not remember me but we had some classes together from ACU. I ran across you blog from Chelsea's. Anyway, great to see you and your cute kiddos! Glad to hear all is good. Isnt if fun to remember the good times in Abilene like your first meeting of the love of you life??? Take Care...

Amy said...

Ahh, the elevation dilemma during cold season has called for many interesting nights at our house. With Camille we had success with the Car Seat carrier set in an upright position in the crib. I never considered the swing, but glad it's working for you!