Friday, September 14, 2007

Around the Casa

This morning I walked into the kitchen to check on how our breakfast marathon was going (I call it a marathon simply because I believe I could possibly run 20+ miles in the time it takes Isaac to finish a meal). Isaac looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said, "Oh, Mommy! Your shirt nice." and proceeded to pat it with a sticky yogurt hand. It is sweet that he noticed the attempt I had made this morning to wear something other than a polo shirt and Bermuda shorts (my summer uniform) and the lovely pint-size strawberry flavored hand print really did wonders for my nicely pressed white blouse.


Speaking of the eating marathon, last night Isaac was continuing to munch away on his supper well past the time that Tobe and I had completed our meals. I insist we all dine together at the table each evening because I believe it is a very important family dynamic. However, we cannot sit there forever so Tobe and I usually move on from the table as Isaac finishes up eating. Tobe was feeding Evelyn in the living room and I was cleaning up the supper dishes. I left the kitchen for .43 seconds to use the restroom and returned to find an army of green peas had invaded my newly mopped floor. Apparently after experiencing utter joy when one pea accidentally went flying to the floor, Isaac decided that all twenty-seven peas from his tray needed to be sent soaring. Isaac immediately said, "I-ick keen peas off floor." (Isaac, clean peas off floor) the moment I entered the kitchen. At least he remembered that if he makes the mess, he cleans it up. However, he had forgotten the rule that if you throw your food, meal time comes to an abrupt end. I removed him from his highchair and had him began the daunting task of picking up peas from all corners of the kitchen. I only thought mealtime was an took Isaac a good 20 minutes to pick up each pea and carefully place it in the trashcan before moving on to the next one.


Our local festival has hit town and with it comes a near-by parking lot filled with carnival rides. Isaac has decided that, "I-ick ride ferdis wheel" (Ferris wheel). I am praying there is a height limit so there will be no discussion of Isaac jumping on the "ferdis wheel." However, if he does ride it will have to be with his father because this Mommy does not step foot on any moving amusement equipment that can be packed onto a truck in under thirty minutes.


Evelyn turned four months old this week and every day pieces of her personality shine through. She has a sixth sense regarding naptime approaching and goes from smiley, happy little girl to kicking, crying tantrum baby the moment one lays her down for her pre-nap diaper change. She also has a deep need for everything that she can get her hands on (toys, Mommy's hair, her own clothing) to go directly into her mouth. She often times becomes frustrated with said object simply because she cannot get the whole thing inside her little mouth. A while back we purchased a infant baby doll for her (creatively named, "Dollie") whom we have since decided is her arch nemesis. Evelyn will grab Dollie, attempt to stuff her into her mouth, and almost growl as she chews and gnaws at this toy. What a delicate flower we have on our hands.


This morning I was fortunate enough to hear Kathy Peel speak at my MOPS meeting. She was excellent and really sheds new light on the whole "stay-at-home mom" thing.


At casa de phillips we take the hassle out of bath and bedtime by splitting up the responsibilities of bathing two babies and putting them down for the evening. It is a team effort, which we manage to accomplish each evening in roughly 25 minutes. Currently we switch off bathing each child (one takes Isaac, the other Evelyn--we do this because Evelyn is still in the baby bathtub and might become lost among the growing collection of bath toys Isaac has accumulated). Last night Tobe asked which kid I wanted to bathe (he had worked late the evening before--which completely changes bathtime dynamics and makes Isaac the helper with Evelyn's bath...a post in itself). I graciously said "I'll do Evelyn. I am on hour 12 with Isaac." Tobe gave me a puzzled look, clearly not understanding my "hour 12" reference. After both kids were tucked safely in bed and our living room was no longer littered with brightly colored plastic toys, Tobe commented on how Isaac did not stop talking or moving the entire time he bathed, dressed, and read to him. I slyly smiled and said, "I know. I was entering hour 12 of hearing the non-stop chatter (sweet chatter, of course....but non-stop) and thought you needed to hear Isaac's thoughts for a while" A month ago when the pediatrician commented on Isaac's extensive vocabulary being equal to that of a three year old, we swelled with pride. These days, we are equally happy to see him sit silently and stare at the wall (which never happens, but it would be nice).


When Isaac was born, I placed a giraffe blanket (half stuffed animal, half blanket) in his crib every night so it would become his "lovey" that he could turn to in times of sadness or need while sleeping. "Raffes" as the giraffe is now known holds a deep place in Isaac's heart and shares his crib every night....along with InkInk, little InkInk, Ike the dog, green blankie, blue blankie, and now a Hammer book. Yeah, I think Isaac caught on to the whole "attachment to a lovey" thing. We are going to need an extra suitcase to haul all these loved items around with us when we travel for the holidays. Just today I was thinking of how smart I was when I purchased the trundle bed for Isaac's room before he was born....not because the trundle will be good for visiting friends one day, but because it will be a place for all these loved items to sleep at night once Isaac moves to his big boy bed.


Kelly said...

That's pretty funny that he took each pea to the trash one by one.

Can I ask about your MOPS group? I have really wanted to join one. I e-mailed the contact for the group in Keller but haven't heard anything back.

The Binkley Family said...

That picture of Evelyn is so sweet. I hope we get to see you guys in November!

Isaac and Zach are similar in the vocabulary area. Luckily now I send him off to school for his teacher to listen to all of his "thoughts", as you put it.

Amy C said...

Your stories are wonderful. What a beautiful photo of Evelyn!

JenniferReinsch said...

You definitely have to write a book about all of this. I love clicking on your blog each day to see the new tales of life at casa de Phillips.