Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Pics

Isaac spent his Labor Day fighting fires in the backyard. Yes, the fire hat is on backwards. He rolls like that.

Does this look like the face of a little girl with a snotty nose and fever? She hides it well, huh?
Brother and sister playing stickers

Evelyn cannot smile while sitting in her Bumbo. It takes all her concentration to keep herself upright.

Happy Labor Day!


JenniferReinsch said...

too cute!

Shanta said...

I'm diggin the firefighter look. He's adorable. And look how nice brother and sister play together... nice work, mom.

Sydni said...

Oh, wow. I like the pictures so much. What cute, sweet kiddos! The bumbo seat is something we missed out on. I've heard (and they look like) they are great.

kate m. said...

Oh goodness, I love those firefighter pictures! I think it is funny that he is holding a hose in addition to the hat. And Evelyn is beautiful! I hope she feels better soon!

We have tickets to Playhouse Disney Live in Houston. I am excited about taking Jackson, especially now that I know that he will sit (or stand) through a concert. I bet Isaac would love it, too!

Amy C said...

That bumbo looks super cool. Cute kids.