Thursday, September 06, 2007

Moving On Up!

We might not be ready for our de-lux apartment on the upper east side, but we have bid farewell to the world's largest stroller!

Here is how we used to roll at casa de phillips:
And this is how we roll now:
THE stroller finally arrived yesterday afternoon. I about hugged the UPS man who brought it to my door (one of the few delivery people who happened to read the "Please Knock, Baby Sleeping" sign above the doorbell) but decided that might be a bit inappropriate. I had been worrying for a week about this stroller, convinced I had read the Ebay auction wrong and had actually only purchased a box or an imitation stroller. My fears were eased yesterday as I tore into the very large box to see this beautiful red stroller, still in its original package.
We took it for a spin this morning and marveled at its ability to move, turn, and glide over bumps. Isaac choose the right side to be his side and designated Evelyn to be on the left. This stroller looks a bit big (what double stroller doesn't, except for Sit and Stands which are not an option for our toddler nor my patience), but it is only 29 inches wide so it fits through normal doorways. Nice.
Anyone want to buy a "lovely" Graco double stroller?
Yesterday afternoon I attempted to take a picture of Isaac and Evelyn holding up a sign for baby Bennett. Seriously, Isaac has developed a phobia of cameras in the past few days. He refused to sit for the picture and cried at the mere thought of being photographed. I am going to make a second attempt this afternoon by perhaps bribing him with the chance to watch a movie. Hopefully we won't have to send sweet Bennett a picture of just sad looking Evelyn in her bumbo.


Sarah said...

You can definitely outrun the duck in that thing.

Laura said...

How fun. Yes, the double stroller gives us so much freedom. Just looking at that thing I feel such happiness for you! Enjoy...

Jennifer said...

Glad it finally arrived!

That is a sweet sign for Baby Bennett.

Amy C said...

I love your new stroller. LOVE that it fits through doors. Freedom is a wonderful thing! I wish I hadn't downgraded to a single stroller. I need my double all the time. I am jealous. Maybe UPS will visit me too.