Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Musings of a 25 Month Old

In my early days of being a stay at home mom, the silence of a house filled with merely me and a newborn was oppressive at times. I had come from a workplace filled with constant noise and was thrown into a new workplace that was silent….except for the occasional crying jags or baby giggles.

Fast forward 25 months and now I have a house bursting with the sound of little boy intent on discussing everything. Somedays I secretly look forward to when the clock tolls 12:30pm, because that means nap time and nap time means silence for a few hours (except for those days when Isaac talks in his sleep). This two year old speak is often funny, usually repetitive (our question of the week: "Where did ferdis wheel go?") a bit tiring (How many times can one Mommy explain that the nice carnie loaded his ferris wheel up on his truck and drove it off into the sunset?), and always charming.

Because I know that you, dear reader, are terribly interested in the thoughts and words of my two year old, I wanted to share my top five favorite things that currently come from Isaac’s sweet mouth.

1.“Mommy, I woke up!” (This happens on a daily basis when I enter his room in the morning. This statement is full of wonder and excitement as if waking up was the most amazing task ever.)

2.“I-ick’s nose is crying.” (Yep, Isaac has now coined the phrase of one’s nose crying rather than simply running. Very poetic, if you ask me.)

3.“I say, woo-hoo!” (I am not really sure what this means and why my child feels the need to say “woo-hoo” but he does and I find it hilarious. However, I am easily amused.)

4.“Giddie (No, Isaac is not describing a jubilant mood when using the word “giddie.” He uses it in such phrases as, “Mommy, giddie I-ick fresh apple juice, peas.” Yes, giddie means give and it melts my heart every time. Little does this boy know that if he simply said, “Mommy, giddie I-ick every single toy at Toys R Us.” I would drain the bank accounts to comply with his wish.)

5.“I say: gibberish, gibberish, gibberish” (My two year old is not actually saying the word “gibberish”. I have improvised on this one. Sometimes Isaac says long sentences that I simply do not understand. He is way past the point of me nodding or saying an absent “Oh” as I try to pretend to understand what he says. When I don’t catch what he is trying to say, I usually ask him to repeat it….thus creating the cycle of him saying, “I say….(fill in with incoherent two year old ramblings.). He gets a bit annoyed with me during such conversations (most likely wondering why his Mommy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed) and even talks slower and louder….hoping that Mommy catches on. Sometimes I do and sometimes I just have to kiss him and say Mommy needs more coffee before she can decipher that toddler speak.

Okay...five isn't enough. Here are two more from this morning:

6. "I need noose, make hair nice." (Noose is what most hair stylists refer to as "mousse" and yes, occasionally Isaac uses a hair product on his blond locks to keep them in place.)

7. "Dat I-ick's school? Noooooooo. No playground. Dat I-ick's school? Noooooooo. No Ms. Cassie." (This is the conversation Isaac had with himself on the way to school this morning. He pointed at each building on our way and identified them as NOT being Isaac's school.)

I know sentences containing complete thoughts and well-formed words lurk in our near future. Such times will be nice when I can sit with my son and discuss things in length (although by then he might be too cool to sit with boring ol’ Mom), but for now I cherish the often random and always sweet things “I-ick” has to share.

Here are a few new pictures....and don't tell me you have never been tempted to wear a Bumbo as a hat.


Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah yesterday telling her story of parenting a child with autism. I thought she was well-spoken, knowledgeable, and Oprah only had to throw out inconsequential comments on a few occasions. Seriously, autism spectrum disorders are an epidemic....1 in 150 children are diagnosed on the spectrum (1 in 94 boys). Educate yourself about this disorder, dear reader. Jenny has written a book (She is actually a good author. I read her pregnancy book and baby book...both of which are easy and entertaining reads. However, she is a bit crass.) on her struggle and I have it on reserve at our local library. I will let you know what I think after I read it. Check out the Oprah episode if you happened to miss it.


Jennifer said...

I saw Oprah yesterday and it was great. I loved her ideas and I was so glad to see that he son had improved. I was especially alarmed when they called out the statistics for boys. Yikes!

Isaac's sweet thoughts are just precious! I love all those little things they say (incorrectly) because they are just so stinkin cute! It only gets better!

margk said...

What cute little questions and comments!

Amy said...

I thought of you yesterday as I was watching the show. I never know what to believe on tv anymore, so I was encouraged to know you agree with what Jenny M had to say. I'll probably pick up the book in the near future.

My kids do such funny things, but I just can't tell the stories the way you do. These musings are so fun to read!

Kelly said...

"Mommy, I woke up" and "I-ick's nose is crying" is TOO cute! Sounds like he's got some wit. I just watched the Oprah episode. Wow.

Kara Alexander said...

It's so cute how much they're talking so much now. I love how Isaac says his name. His name is difficult like Elizabeth's (she says Whee-biz).

I saw the Oprah episode and was very moved by all of it. It sure is an epidemic and something has to be done!

Roxanne said...

The "nose crying" reminded me of when my son was the same age. One late spring day after a long, sweaty walk in a section of a park with little shade, he announced that his hair was "leaking." He was rather concerned about it. . .