Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Midnight Worries

Lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night (partly due to a little girl who has yet to figure out the concept of "sleeping through the night") consumed with worry, anxiety, and despair. Sounds a bit deep, huh? Well, I wish I could say that these emotions were the result of contemplating serious life issues such as the AIDS crisis or the never-ending war in Iraq.

It would be nice to be that deep and introspective at 2:17am, however my worries are about Halloween. Yes, I am losing sleep over an inconsequential holiday that is a month and a half away. For those long-time readers you likely remember how Isaac had four Halloween costumes last year and it took me forever to decide which would make the perfect picture. This year I have two babies and I am determined to have them in costumes with a coordinating theme. This is likely my last year of choosing Isaac's costume before he demands to wear a superhero outfit with fake muscles or wants to be a zombie soccer player like his father was every year as a child. My dilemma is two-fold, however. I want a theme but 1. I do not sew....at all. and 2. I refuse to spend $70 on a Halloween costume....oh yeah...3. I am very picky.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Another factor to consider is that we live in a region where it might possibly be 97 degrees on Halloween night, which makes the large, stuffed costumes sold around here a bit ridiculous.

I kind of wish for the days of the old-school plastic costumes that one slips on over their clothes and hits the door in search for candy. Tacky, yes, but oh so simple (As a preschooler I had a hobo costume of this variety.....ah, the absence of political correctness in the 80's).

Side note: I typed this post early this morning, but just found the time to actually post it this afternoon. Guess what was in my email inbox today? An email from the lady who is going to design our Christmas cards letting me know that if I get my Christmas picture to her by October 1st, I will get a 10% discount. Christmas picture???? I can't even think about such a monster!

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summer said...

Just some quick ideas I had...Isaac as a farmer with a cute little cow or pig as a sidekick/Isaac as a bee keeper and Evelyn as a bee/Isaac as a Fireman and Evelyn as a dalmation...I'll keep thinking and let you know if genius strikes. :)