Monday, September 17, 2007

Good-bye, ferdis wheel!

Another street festival has come and gone. And no, Isaac did not ride the "ferdis wheel." Fortunately he forgot all about it once we arrived (how, I do not know considering it loomed in the skyline).

Nothing takes the fun out of a child's pony ride like this little sign:

I love to see the word "death" in conjunction with an activity my two year old is participating in at the time.

Here is our little cowboy, riding his beloved pony, Shaggy. Tobe got the fun job of walking in tight circles next to Isaac while I cheered and snapped pictures from the sideline. He looked a bit green once the ride came to an end.
Evelyn enjoyed the festival from the comfort of the stroller. Her first festival was a much better experience than Isaac's....who was a mere three weeks old when we took him and managed to spill sticky red soda all over him and his stroller before entering the festival's gates.

Just a few weeks ago, Isaac discovered the joy (and potential vomit pit) that is a bounce house. This particular bounce house had a polite young man who was helping the smaller kids actually bounce rather than simply being tossed about.

I love this shot because it shows the sheer excitement on Isaac's face, but more importantly displays how skinny our boy is. Those are size 12 month shorts he is wearing....and they are still too big. However, yesterday at lunch he ate the whole bowl of Mac and Cheese, 10 strawberries, 3 pieces of plain cheese, a graham cracker, half a banana, green peas, and a cup of applesauce.The petting zoo....the home of E.Coli. We had told Isaac he would see animals at the festival, which he immediately assumed would be lions, giraffes, and hippos. I don't think he was terribly disappointed with a few sleeping goats and an alpaca, but he did inquire as to where the lion was when he woke from his nap later that day.Last time we visited a petting zoo, I witnessed a small child being cornered by three hungry goats as he attempted to feed these "loving" animals. Since then, I opt not to buy the food for Isaac to feed the animals. He has already been terrorized by a duck this summer....I hate to add goats to the list. However, Isaac did find an abandoned ice cream cone (used to hold the food) and attempted to feed this poor duck (see, I don't despise all ducks....just the attack kind).The petting zoo was also surrounded by large signs, warning of the risks of E.coli. Yet there were children running around in flip flops or bare feet amongst the animals and their waste. Seriously? Fun was had by every member of casa de phillips, until the final five minutes when Evelyn decided that she must. eat. now. and then Isaac decided that if sister was going to cry, he might as well join in. I am sure all attendees were glad to see us rapidly heading towards the "Exit" at that point.


Jennifer said...

how fun. We were going to make it but we had a busy weekend. Looks like you guys had a good time!

Kelly said...

Your kids are adorable!

Erika said...

Seriously, I LOVE your blog. I'm going to have to meet Mr. Isaac one day. Your tales of him brighten my day ( and let me know what I have to look forward to!) Oh, sorry about "We so Fly" once it gets stuck in your head, thats it! :)

JenniferReinsch said...

Brit, in all her middle school wonderfulness, can still wear her little girl size 8's (for the 8 year old) and pulls up and down her pants without unsnapping or snapping anything.

Ashley said...

You are such a gifted writer. I enjoy reading your blog so much!

Man, Isaac is starting to look really grown up! He is so sweet.

Who knew a pony ride could be so dangerous?

JenniferReinsch said... and tobe came up in a conversation today. some of the other ministers, one of the secretaries, and i were going to lunch.

i made a comment that involved saying, "tobe and lynley," and the youth minister asked if it was searcy lynley? and it was figured out that you roomed with bob pirtle's daughter at ACU, and bob is a member of my church in houston and has a son who was at north davis where i interviewed for a job quite some time ago (but is now at greenville oaks in allen with drew and connie.

it was very "kevin bacon and six degrees of separation." thought i would pass that along.

the youth minister is mike avery (who married melissa somebody plus he and i went to high school together), and the daughter of the secretary has the maiden name of rachel sherwin (she married brad somebody).

anyway, there were a few more connections, i just am too tired to remember them this evening.