Friday, September 21, 2007

The (Sometimes) Undying Love for a Friend

Meet Raffes.

Raffes and Isaac have been together since day one. Raffes has been rolled over, chewed on, stomped a few times, been exposed to a wide variety of toddler body fluids, heard late night talks and early conversations, and loved through and through.

Yet Raffes has a slight problem.

He smells.....bad.

Yesterday was sheet washing day at casa de phillips (It's one terribly exciting thing after another over here). I completely stripped Isaac's bed due to the fact that we have been struck with our second cold in two weeks and threw everything into the washer....including Raffes.

Raffes gets washed on occasion, however when we do wash him it is a secret operation that involves sneakiness, conspiracy, and occasional half-truths. Yesterday I thought I had been quite good in my efforts to get Raffes into the wash. Isaac didn't suspect a thing until Raffes was happily tossing about in the gentle cycle of the dryer. It was then that this blond hair toddler walked into his room to find a bare bed. He then began searching in earnest for Raffes.

When no tattered giraffe was found and Isaac realized that I was avoiding all questions involving the words, "Where Raffes at?", he rushed to the laundry room door. Upon hearing the rumble tumble of our dryer, Isaac proceeded to throw himself on the floor crying, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFFFFFFFFESSSSSSSSS!!!!"

One would have thought I put the little boy from next door in our dryer rather than a toy from the wailing that was coming from Isaac's mouth.

Knowing that Raffes still had 20 minutes of necessary drying time left, I attempted to stop the crying by offering up "substitute raffes" (Our emergency Raffes in case the original ever goes missing---a must-have when your child has a lovey). Isaac didn't want "uh-der Raffes" and continued to cry loudly at the laundry room door.

Not wanting all this drama to wake up Evelyn, I snatched a dripping Raffes from the dryer. Isaac proceeded to stick Raffes head into his mouth and march into his room....upon which he immediately spotted some other toy that seemed more exciting and proceeded to throw Raffes down and leave him alone, wet, and abandoned. Ah...the finicky love of a two year old.


We have since returned from visiting our lovely pediatrician. Apparently the colds are pretty yucky that both Evelyn and Isaac have and we get the joy of doing breathing treatments for the next few days. Seriously, the fun never ends here at casa de phillips....


kate m. said...

There is something going around! Boone and I have both had that junk over the past weeks, but luckily Jackson has been spared! I hope your kiddos feel better and that the breathing treatments go well.

Your story about Raffes is hilarious! Isaac probably would have preferred that you put the boy next door in the dryer over Raffes. : ) Toddler drama is hilarious to me.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! It really is helpful to hear that others would be concerned about this situation as well. I find it hard sometimes to determine whether or not I, as a parent, blow things out of proportion. Hope you have a fun and healthy weekend!

Ashley said...

if only I had a back up "Ellie Fant". Sweet little Raffes. I hope he is loved forever. TOo cute