Sunday, October 21, 2007

As Promised...

Because I know many of you readers have been unable to sleep due to the anticipation over seeing the pumpkin patch pictures I promised on are just a few from our experience.

I feel the need to make a few disclaimers about the above pictures:

1. Yes, Evelyn was in attendance. We had very few chances to remove her from the stroller and take her picture due to the fact that I was chasing a two year old amongst hay bales and day care groups.

2. Yes, both children were at the pumpkin patch at the same time. However, the idea of all three of us posing for a picture together about sent Isaac into meltdown mode so I decided not to push the issue...thus the separate pictures of me with the kids.

3. Isaac's favorite part of the pumpkin patch: the fake jail. Not sure what that has to do with Halloween, but it brought joy to his little heart.

4. Apparently looking at the camera is over-rated when you are two years old.

Although this weekend involved pumpkin patches, local festivals, time spent with friends and family, craft fairs, drama over possibly losing a digital camera and backpack (both were found and actually never really lost),and a date night with my husband, I have to say the highlight of the past three days was tonight when Isaac came racing into the kitchen (in true dramatic two year old form), wrapped his arms around my legs, and said, "I Luvs You, Mommy!" It was the first time he has said he loved me without prompting....I had to refrain from jumping in the car and buying out Toys R Us. I guess he's a keeper.

(By the way, the date night with husband holds a very close second.)


Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!

It is impossible right now to get a family picture. My kids look in opposite directions. Christmas cards this year should be interesting.

Jennifer H. said...

I so understand the woes of the Pumpkin Patch. We live just down the road from said pumpkin patch and dread mid-September to end of October due to the increased traffic on our little community. It has helped SO MUCH since the light has been installed, though! You wouldn't believe the number of fender benders we see out there from people craning their necks to see the pumpkins!

Great pictures! We will venture out sometime this week. Kaylee begs everytime we pass. I dread it. My allergies go crazy everytime with all of the hay.

Amy said...

Isaac gave you a pretty good pose behind the wheel:-) Great pics!

JenniferReinsch said...

very cute.