Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Save the Phillips Seal of Approval

Don't you just love seeing the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on an item you are about to purchase? It gives me a boost of confidence as I head to the check-out lane, approved product in hand, that scientists (I assume only scientists have the power to hand out the seal and not just a regular Joe Shmo) have determined my retail selection to be worthy of purchasing.

However, this blessed seal does not extend into all areas of products so today I am going to share a few items that I would give the "Save the Phillips Family Seal of Approval" (Because if I didn't, all this post would mainly be me bemoaning the fact that Isaac has obviously studied up on the "Art of the Terrible Twos" lately. I was praying for patience and wisdom by 7:20am today.)

1. Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight Shampoo and ConditionerCarrying and birthing two babies caused my hair to go crazy. Although it can still be classified as straight, it is now frizzy and hangs in an odd fashion. I go through a bottle of conditioner a week. Due to such conditioner consumption, I have to bargain shop for my hair products. Dangerously Straight Conditioner is kind to my wallet and leaves my hair smooth (Describing a hair product as being "dangerous" seems a bit extreme to me, but it gets the job done). Now if I can just find a product that keeps my hair from falling out in clumps, I would be good to go in the hair department.

2. Target Brand Wipes

Through much trial and error, I have come to rely on the Target brand of Baby wipes for all diapering duties. They do not dry out in the wipes warmer (we live the posh life here at casa de phillips) and they pop up one after another (whereas other generic brands do not). Again they are kind to my wallet...especially good since we use Pampers diapers (to whom I have doled out more money these past 2+ years than I care to think about)

3. Jon and Kate plus 8

I love this show on Discovery Health (I believe TLC is now showing it as well). It is a reality show that depicts the life of a young couple with twins and sextuplets. Tobe cannot watch such programming because it stresses him out, but I am simply fascinated by it. Who doesn't wonder how a family functions with six three-year-olds? Check it out (and maybe pop an anxiety pill or two if you tend to stress easily).

4. Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

I heart coffee big time and used to frequent a local specialty coffee shop frequently in search of rare blends. However, such coffee is not kind to my wallet (which is important when one's 24/7 job renders no income). Target has recently begun carrying Dunkin' Donuts coffee and it is heavenly. Swing by casa de phillips sometime and I will brew you a cup (unless you are a scary stranger and then I will promptly dial 911).

5. Fairytale Pumpkins

What girl does not love a pumpkin whose adjective is "fairytale"? I have these on our kitchen table and they make me smile every time I sit down to eat a meal. I might have to tape on a red bow and some Christmas lights to these beauties because I do not know if I can depart with them come December 1st.

6.Spontaneous Brother/Sister Playtime

This one is occurring more and more these days and it warms this Mommy's heart. Evelyn truly becomes ecstatic whenever Isaac is within three feet of her. Isaac is often spotted grabbing the baby a toy without anyone asking him. I know there are days lurking in our future when playtime will result in fight time, but for now we stand back and watch these two laugh at each other (and rapidly take pictures to serve as a reminder one day when such brother/sister exchanges are not quite so sweet).
What things are you loving lately?


Paige said...

I LOVE Fairytale pumpkins!

Chelsea said...

We really do have WAY too much in common. :) I, too, have the same hair problems as you described and STILL haven't stopped shedding by the handful since Abby Kate's birth. However, I use the SAME SHAMPOO for the frizzy hair syndrome!! I also have the orange bottles of the same brand (can't remember what the name is, but something about smoothing...)

I also love Target wipes, and have tried three different generic diapers, only to return to the oh-so-worth-it Pampers. (I guess that's why they can run a monopoly in the diaper business!)

No need to run down your entire list of "similarities"....but I do love the fairytale pumpkin, and have now caused my 5 year old to be obsessed with them as well. :)

Good post...and good products!

Kelly said...

Good suggestions. My whole life I've been plagued with freakish wavy hair in the back and straight hair in the front and sides. Can't wear it curly, can't wear it totally straight. Aaarrgghh! I'll have to try that shampoo and hope for the best.

I'm also addicted to the Jon and Kate show. Every time I watch it, I'm reminded how easy I have it!