Thursday, October 11, 2007

A First

Someone grab the baby's time to record a new "first."

This first is actually mine so perhaps I should dig up my baby book rather than recording such an event in Isaac's book.

Yesterday, I became "that mom"....the one who takes a comment from the preschool teacher and runs with it. Back story: The co-teacher sweetly straps Isaac into his car seat after school. During this process I take the opportunity to ask a fairly innocent question. The reply to such question was not exactly what I thought it would. .

This is the point where Lynley entered into the Land of Mommy Over-Reactions.

Emotions went crazy. A phone call was made to my mother (Rule: Always call your mom en-route to the Land of Mommy Over-Reactions). A second phone call was made to the lead teacher....and then I realized that
A. I was a dork and
B. I was being overly-sensitive about my child for no reason at all.


The worst part is that after I realized I was just being a dork, I called and relayed the whole incident to Tobe at work....and became upset all over again. He was kind, but did ask, "What is your degree in again?"

Um, child psychology. I guess I am a bigger dork than I originally thought.

Please tell me, have you ever entered into the Land of Mommy Over-Reactions where you lost all grasp on reality and was suddenly super-sensitive about your child for no reason?

(And if you haven't, please just lie. My emotions are still a little raw from my dorkiness yesterday. I don't know if I can handle knowing that the population of The Land of Mommy Over-Reactions is 1.)


Amy said...

Yes, I have and I am not lying. And those calls to Mom can do wonders to bring me back to reality and see how silly it all was. Don't beat yourself up about it. But, will you be taking Isaac back to the school? J/K ;o)

Jennifer said...

oh yeah, I've entered that land.

kate m. said...

Count me in! This is why I did a whole post about preschool not so long ago to determine if I was overreacting or not because I have sadly been there before. Unfortunately, I don't feel like the preschool post was a moment of overreaction; however, based on past experiences, I needed some verification. You are not alone!

Phillips Family said...

Thanks, girls!

I know I was vague in what sent me spiraling into such drama, but it did not have to do with the preschool or the teachers in any way. We love our preschool and our teachers and consider them to be a big blessing to Isaac!

Glad to know that I am not alone!

Kelly said...

I'm still a rookie at most mom-related things, but I've already done this a few times. Tate has always been on the low-end of weight. The first few months when people would make comments about how small he was, I would lose it. Looking back, the comments weren't mean at all, I was just ultra-defensive and overreacted.

I'm sure I'll have many more similar stories in the years to come. :)

Amy said...

btw, my sis keeps a blog and will soon post the big reveal: he or she!

Don't worry, with all the family issues, the preggers announcement may have been overlooked on the Searcy gossip marquee. But her blog'll have the latest:)

Kelli said...

At times I feel like I am president of this Land.