Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hallow's Eve

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is Halloween.

However, if you have darkened the door of any retail establishment in the past two months there is no way that you missed the fact Halloween is rapidly approaching. Apparently Halloween is the new Christmas.

Today I baked, colored, hot glued, dusted off my Old Navy black cat shirt, and hauled down plastic pumpkins in preparation for tomorrow's activities. The Halloween spirit (the friendly one....like Casper) was present in casa de phillips. We ate pumpkin shaped toast, attended the Halloween themed story time at our local library, and had lots of mini pep talks about how fun it is to wear a costume (I think we have Isaac convinced that wearing a costume is almost equal to a trip to Disneyland. He is excited about his Halloween party at school tomorrow where he is quite convinced that his teacher is baking a cake....I hope he isn't disappointed with the cheese cubes and pretzel sticks that I know will be served). We are all set for the 31st to come upon us.

That is until the disastrous results of Dancing with the Stars tonight.

Sabrina's early...and unjust...departure has zapped my Halloween spirit. Are we really supposed to believe that Dr. Quinn is a better dancer or that Kelly Taylor has a bigger fan base? Really? Because I am on the uncool side of 30, I don't even know what a Cheetah girl is, however I was rooting for ol Sabrina. Now I guess my votes will be between Heilo and Scary Spice.

On that depressing note....Happy Halloween. By the way, we did develop a costume theme that involves both children and our super-rad double stroller. (By "we", I mean my sweet friend Summer....whose blog is now private, otherwise I would have linked her name.)


Paige said...

Sabrina's early exit is confusing to me. I thought she would take the whole thing. That being said, my votes this week were split now that Mark is gone. I voted for Kelly Taylor, I mean JG and Helio. I really like Helio, but Kelly seems to be loosening up, plus I watch 90210 on Soapnet from time to time. I can't wait to see your costumes.

Kelly said...

Just wait, I'm sure you'll get a comment from Wade regarding the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorations. Don't even get him stated! :)

So re: DWTS. I shouldn't complain too much because I haven't voted yet at all this season...even when my buddy Mark Cuban was on.

I was pretty shocked about Sabrina. She was so good. I have to say tht I'm a big Jennie Garth fan. I was a total goofball in high school and thought it was so cool that her name was Kelly and my name was Kelly. I was a diehard 90210 fan all through high school and college. Sad, I know.

Anyway, I think the Spice Girl may be the big winner.