Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have a basketball goal in my living room. Jealous?

I know it sounds glamorous and perhaps something one might see on MTV's Cribs, but don't be fooled. Having a basketball goal in one's close quarters is far from the fabulous life. Did I mention that our basketball goal is blue and red and made by Little Tikes?

I hold my mother and husband responsible for the existence of the basketball goal in my living room. These two thought that every little boy needs a basketball goal so one was purchased for Isaac's second birthday. It resides inside for 24/7 access and spontaneous pick-up games. Besides it would be quite conventional for such sporting equipment to be outside and we are all about the unconventional here at casa de phillips.

Because a basketball goal lives in my living room, I have decided to undertake OPERATION: BIG BOY BED. Currently there are two beds in Isaac's room: a crib and a trundle bed (AKA his Big Boy Bed). If Isaac could learn to sleep in the big boy bed, we could take the crib down and put it in the attic, thus freeing up space for the basketball goal (and various other toys) to live in Isaac's room. I am all about freeing up space (for example, our coffee table now lives in our garage because I could not take the clutter in the living room one more day) here at our house.

I decided that Monday was the day to begin Operation: BBB. However, Isaac designated Monday as "Push All Limits Day". Apparently this was a two-day event for him, so Tuesday was out as well. On Wednesday we talked on the way to school about how he was going to nap in his big boy bed later that afternoon. I installed the rail to prevent unfortunate falls onto his head and moved his many loved animals that must be present during all sleep times.

After lunch I lovingly tucked him into his bed and instructed him in quite the serious Mommy tone that he had to stay in bed until I came and got him after nap time. I closed the door and heard silence.

Twenty minutes later I still heard silence and proceeded to pat myself on the back for a job well done.

Thirty minutes later I heard a small voice chatting up a storm from behind Isaac's closed bedroom door. I opened the door to remind him to close his eyes and go to sleep and discovered that I had not been specific enough in my instructions about what things were not to take place while sleeping in the big boy bed. Although I had told Isaac to stay in bed, not kick the walls, and not remove his diaper, I had somehow forgotten to remind him to not completely disassemble the picture frames on the dresser next to his bed.

Into the crib he went for the remainder of naptime.

Yesterday we attempted the big boy bed again. I only had to go in one time and remind him that standing on one's head in the big boy bed is not the best way to ensure a quality nap. Isaac fell asleep about 20 minutes after I placed him in bed.

Good-bye, Basketball goal!

Now if I could only get the exacauser out of my kitchen....

(I have pictures but Blogger won't let me post them for some reason)


Jennifer said...

oh yes, we too had the basketball goal in our living room for quite some time. I've come to realize that our living room is just one giant toybox!!

kate m. said...

We also have the Little Tikes basketball goal in our living room. My living room is definitely Jackson's playroom. I HATE the clutter and am looking for a way to "retire" some toys without Jackson noticing; however, our house is old, thus we have NO storage. I have no clue where to put the "retired" toys. I never thought about ridding myself of the coffee table.

I am glad Isaac is doing well in his big boy bed. I think we are going to ask for a big boy bed for Jackson for Christmas from one of the grandparents (one way to minimize the toy situation). Also, while I am sorry to hear that Isaac designated Monday and Tuesday as Push the Limits Day, I can relate all too well! Hoping for a non-pushing the limits weekend in both of our houses!

Amy said...

Out coffee table is in our attic. I have serious OCD issues with the clutter in our home because of toys. It's a constant battle!

I am glad Isaac has settled into his big boy bed with few bumps. We did the trundle transition with Camille and it went really well. We've since gone to the elevated bed after I seriously injured my leg on the trundle. (I still have a grotesque scar.)

margk said...

We, too, had the basketball goal in our living room and the little tikes slide when Patrick was a toddler. Unfortunately for Nicholas, we are not as open to these ideas the second time around.

Good luck with the big boy bed transition. Sounds like you are in for some surprises!

Paige said...

CHECK YOUR QUOTA! I am having trouble too, and I believe it is because I have almost reached my quota! TOYS! I think we need the basketball goal.

Ashley said...

I am dreading moving Carley to a big girl bed. I think I will wait as long as possible after reading your post! :)