Thursday, October 04, 2007

Random Question Day

Being a mommy of young children, I have become accustomed to strangers speaking to us while out because they want to see the babies. No big deal.

However, someone must have proclaimed today "Random Question" day because here are the three inquiries people made of me today.

1. "Are they twins?" Get this...THREE different people asked me this one all before 11am today. Twins? Really? Did these people happen to notice that one "twin" is about 10 inches taller than the other and is speaking in complete sentences while the other "twin" is happily chewing on her foot?

2. "Aren't you the lady who walks all over town?" I am slightly embarrassed by this one because it makes me sound like crazy cat lady. Yes, I walk most mornings with my children in a busy section of our little town. Yes, our stroller is awesome. Yes, sometimes we walk from one location to the other rather than loading and unloading a car of babies (a feat I try very hard to avoid as much as possible). However, I do not walk ALL over town....just part of it.

3. "My husband wants to know how you are so skinny with two kids." This was the most awkward question of the three. I was loading the children out of the stroller into car seats (Seriously, I do look forward to when they can climb in and buckle themselves up...we will gain about an hour of our day back) at the gym when the couple parked next to me asked this off-handed question. I wanted to tell them that apparently I was the lady who walked everywhere...with her twins...and that's how I managed to stay fit, but I just muttered some reply about the kids keeping me busy, blah, blah, blah. The couple then finished eating their McDonalds, stomped out their cigarettes, and hauled the children from the backseat and trudged into the gym. Nice.

What random question have you been asked lately?
The Phillips "Twins"


JenniferReinsch said...

they totally look like twins!

The Binkley Family said...

I had a friend with twins...boy and girl, mind you...and she was frequently asked if they were identical.

These days the weirdest questions I get are the medical ones, because people think that somehow I have obtained an honorary degree in medicine by virtue of being around Gary.

Alison said...

I know she isn't a stranger, but Morgan asked me a random question yesterday..."Mommy, where are your boobies?" This was followed by her asking Greg where his were as well!

margk said...

Huh? Twins? BTW, have you seen the super skinny lady with the large brimmed hat walking all over our town? I am wanting to call the newspaper and ask them to interview her to find out her story. I can leave home and see her in one part of town and then come home hours later and see her somewhere else.

Sydni said...

How did the saying "There is no such thing as a stupid question" ever come into being?

Thanks for recommending Jenny McCarthy's GREAT book. I finished it this morning and am so glad I read it (the language was a bit shocking at times!). It was easy to read, and educational!