Monday, October 08, 2007

It's the Great Tortilla, Charlie Brown!

Being the involved mommy that I am, I loaded the children into the car (along with Ike the dog and the "fider-fider" hat....yes, we have hit that stage where we must travel with all earthly possessions or the world might stop turning) and set off to buy pumpkins.

Before you "oh and ah" over such parenting, please note that we did not travel to one of the many local pumpkin patches to make such a purchase. It is just too hot and today was a school holiday...both of which make for an unpleasant trip to any location that attracts hordes of children and parents yielding cameras. Rather we set off to our local grocery store in search of orange goodies to make our home appear fall-like and inviting.

By local grocery store, I mean the Mecca of all grocery stores.

We do not shop often at such stores, mainly because they tend to be pricey and because you cannot buy massive amounts of diapers and formula (unless you want such things to be organic and imported from Sweden), which seem to make up the bulk of our grocery bill these days. Anyway, this morning we set off to buy pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Isaac choose his pumpkin from the display outside the store and one for baby Evelyn as well. We then entered the store which brought great joy to our blue-eyed toddler. He loves fine grocery stores as much as his Mommy...mainly because 1.You can buy fruit from the kid's fruit stand and munch it while your Mom pushes you in the cart (his personal favorite is the green apple) and 2.the fresh, hot tortillas available in the bread section. After navigating the skinny aisles and trying to avoid the call of the bulk candy section while wearing one baby and attempting to prevent the other one from feeding Ike the green apple, we headed to the check-out counter to make our purchases and head to the house.

It was as we were leaving that Isaac suddenly remembered the fresh, hot tortillas in our bag and decided that he must sample one. Now.

Did I mention that for some odd reason Isaac calls tortillas "te-tes"?

Did I mention that this gourmet grocery store is in a fancy-pants section of town?

Did I also mention that he had to have a tortilla NOW or his two-year old world might come crashing down around him?

Yes, that was me today wearing a drooling baby girl, pushing a grocery cart, with a little boy clutching a worn white dog loudly yelling, "I-ick want te-te! I-ick want te-te!" as we made our way to the car.


In case you were wondering, the most random thing Isaac said to me today (other than "I-ick want te-te") was "I hurt my knee on the lemon." Since he can't reach the lemons in our kitchen, I have to assume he meant some of his plastic fruit. Apparently it can be vicious. Good thing a kiss from Mommy made it all better (although he would have preferred a Little Einstein band-aid but unfortunately the lemon incident drew no blood).


margk said...

Really, I can relate, but THAT grocery store is one of the few that Nicholas is quiet in. We were so happy to have it open here as we were living in Austin when the original (and huge and wonderful) CM opened in like '93 I think. Anyways, they do have good deals with their coupons and Moo Mondays for Organic Milk and Tuesdays are awesome for produce. I have not found them to be too much higher on a lot of things and like I said, the balloon and snacks do keep Nicholas quiet.

Ashley said...

Hilarious. Shopping with kids is such an adventure. I am jealous though, the coolest grocery store we have in Lubbock is Walmart!

Laura said...

Yes, shopping w/ 2 toddlers is always an adventure. I'm interested in how shopping with 3 will be...hum...probably won't happen much. :) I'm with you on the weather. Can it be any hotter?! Today was a little better thankfully. Love the pumpkin adventure.