Sunday, October 28, 2007

Take that, Blogger!

There is rumor I might have met my quota of pictures on Blogger and will now be forced to pay for more picture space. Does Blogger not realize that I have two small children and it is the holiday season? Pictures are a must at this point. I suppose I will eventually hand over the cash to Mr. Blogger so I can continue to post pictures. For now I will spend hours attempting to load pictures the old-fashioned free way until I am completely shut-off from such capabilities.

This past weekend was Fall Extravaganza here at casa de phillips. We managed to fit in a viewing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (which Isaac is the third time he has watched it in his young life and the first time he liked it), a trip to the pumpkin patch, a picnic, playing at the park, a hike down a nature trail to try to find fall foliage (no such luck), and consumption of chocolate chip pancakes, caramel apples, frito pie, and popcorn (and a major work-out session during nap time yesterday to work off such fall goodies)

Our delima with Evelyn....pumpkin hat or Halloween bow? Who knew raising girls had such issues?Isaac is still apparently "allergic" to pumpkin patches and picture taking opportunities. He was having no part of sitting in front of decorative pumpkins and smiling for the camera. Yet he will likely wonder one day why we have hundreds of posed pictures of his sister and only three of him.
Look what a difference a year is Isaac on the same bench last OctoberThe park where we went for our picnic is one of our favorites because of it's large size and family-friendly atmosphere. It also has two large football fields for people to play on as well as a jogging trail and playground equipment. Isaac is really into watching other kids play sports (mainly football) right now and was mesmerized by some kids who were tossing around the pigskin while we ate our lunch. All of the sudden Isaac jumped up and proclaimed, "I play football with boys. Be right back." and ran off in their direction.

These are from the other day when Blogger was not allowing picture of any kind...little did they know I really wanted to post a picture of my little Fire Chief for the Day (made at school) and proof of how one can sit safely in a Bumbo


Jennifer said...

The kids are so cute!! I too love the " I love my Mummy" shirt. I'll be sad after Wed as well.

Happy Halloween!!

Amy said...

To save on blogger picture space, I resize my pics so they are around 200-500kb. 1 gig just isn't enough for a mommy!

JenniferReinsch said...

i love both the fall bow and the pumpkin hat. i say you alternate wearing schedules for both those pieces of head attire.

margk said...

Evelyn looks like she is always so happy. We went to the Hall pumpkin patch on Sunday and our brand new camera didn't have any memory space left on it and low-tech me couldn't figure out how to delete some pictures. I guess the video camera will have to do for this year.

margk said...

Oh, I like the bow best.

Paige said...

How much memory or whatever have you used?? I know I could resize my photos, but i usually don't know which ones I want to post until last minute, and I don't really want to make the time!! I am too lazy, and BLOOger wins my $20!