Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome, Croup

Apparently Isaac has the croup. I know this because:

A. I thought a seal was attacking Michelle Obama around 2am Monday morning....only to discover that reading a lengthy interview about someone before going to bed is not a good idea if you are prone to vivid dreams. The attack seal was merely Isaac coughing in the other room (a "seal-like" barking cough is the main indication of Croup) and I am sure Mrs. Obama was asleep peacefully somewhere on the campaign trail.

B. The pediatrician confirmed such a diagnosis yesterday.

So the croup has entered casa de phillips and we have now been to the doctor more times in the past four weeks than I have in the past six months. Oh, allergy season, please end quickly.

Because he has the croup, Isaac is on some pretty strong steroids to get rid of his infection and prevent a secondary infection from forming. Being the novice Mommy that I am, I did not realize that steroids equal grouchy, slightly hyper toddler until today. By 10:12 am this morning, when nothing was going right in Isaac's world, I was counting the minutes until nap time (I was also having to endure a painfully long conversation with the lawn treatment man about how children who crawl for a long time end up being better readers....an old wives tale my own mother later confirmed. But that is another post.).

Although I am a novice Mommy, I have quickly learned that children can ease all frustration and impatience with a sloppy kiss or sweet smile. Today such things were erased by the following conversation...

Isaac: "Mommy, I ready to eat lunch."

Me: "Great!" (Being the seasoned adult that I am, I refrained from making some sarcastic comment about how handy this was that he was ready to eat lunch considering we eat lunch at the same time every day and I had just called him to the table...I have learned sarcasm is lost on two year olds.)

Me: (After painfully watching Isaac attempt to climb into his highchair unassisted) "Is your tummy hungry?"

Isaac: (looking at me as if I were the dumbest Mommy ever) "Nooooooo. My tongue is hungry."


(Update: After writing this post and before actually posting it...naptime came to an end. Upon opening Isaac's door I was greeted by a partially-clad little boy holding a soiled diaper. Seems like he felt the urge to remove part of his clothing upon waking. Fortunately contents remained in the diaper, however his crib sheet was used as makeshift toliet paper. The glamourous life of a mom never ends around here.)


Amy said...

1. Croup is not fun.
2. Someone made the whole reading/crawling comment as they watched Nathan walk (sortof) when I held his hands. Are they trying to tell me something?
3. I couldn't imagine having a conversation with my lawn treatment man, let alone about child development:-)
4. Soiled diaper and bed sheet for wiping? I too have been there and it was not pleasant. Mine was a bit younger when it happened though. I'm hoping you are spared a repeat!

summer said...

Okay, you win. I thought I was having a bad Mommy day, but after reading all that, I think you definitely deserve a vacation. Or at least a nap.