Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fall Fluff

Have you checked your calender lately? Apparently Fall is here.

However, my local weather forecaster just told me it is going to be 92 and humid today. Ugh. Perhaps Fall will make it to us by December or maybe casa de phillips should simply relocate to Vermont (Vermont because I once read residents there hold sap parties in the winter and it sounded positively delightful to sit around and make syrup with ones neighbors. Also, I don't think it is so cold in Vermont that you have to remove your car battery at night.....removing and then replacing the battery on a daily basis just seems a bit much to me. I have a hard enough time getting two babies out of the house on time as it is...I cannot imagine having to schedule time to reinstall my car battery every morning.)

Anyway, I digress.

Because Fall is here and because it happens to be my most favorite of the four seasons, I decided that we would kick off the month of October by visiting our local arboretum to see their lovely pumpkin display with friends.

Isaac has a great fondness of pumpkins (who knew?) and was in awe of the thousands of pumpkins he was able to carry, climb, roll, and pick-up. However, his most prized possession of the trip was a large crab apple (at least I think that is what it was...I am not up on my seed pods) that he carried around most of the time we were at the Arboretum. I finally was able to have him part with his precious blob of green by telling him we had to leave it for other boys and girls to enjoy (and because most likely I would have forgotten about it once we arrived home and it would have likely sprouted underneath a seat in my car).

Although many parents bring their sweet children to the Arboretum for a Fall photo shoot, I have been quite familiar to Isaac's new phobia of cameras so I had very low expectations of potential pictures (which was good because I had to chase Isaac with the camera and then act like I was not taking his picture). I did find it a bit alarming that some people brought their children dressed in fall clothing to the Arboretum to snap pictures....fall clothing meaning sweaters, pants, knit tights, turtlenecks in ninety degree weather. I imagine such parents wanted the perfect snapshot of little Suzy frolicking among the Pumpkins in the crisp Fall air....however, I just wanted to sneak these children a sip of water and blow on their sweaty heads because I feared they might succumb to heat exhaustion right by the Great Pumpkin.

Despite the heat, a fun time was had by all and we certainly enjoyed the company of friends. We ended the day with lunch at Sonic (which had a large sandbox in the outdoor eating area....I do not know if Isaac inadvertently ingested more sand than chicken tenders. I am sure sand has some nutritional value) and then was given the lovely opportunity to bond as Mommy and children while we sat on a local interstate for an hour due to a wreck. Ah, the glamours of city life.

Seriously....Vermont is looking better and better.

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Jennifer said...

Cute pictures.

I must admit that last year when we visited the local pumpkin patch it was really hot. I decided that there was no way I could display pictures of the boys while they were wearing shorts and t-shirts. It's fall isn't it? So, we layered them and I did get a few shots in the sweaters/long sleeves before ripping them off and allowing them to play in cooler clothes. I sure wish Texas had 4 true seasons!!