Sunday, October 14, 2007

Five Months

When Evelyn was first born, she was whisked away to the warmer while the doctors tended to me. I remember straining to see exactly what she looked like and to get a glimpse of the brown hair everyone was making a fuss over. Later that evening I held my baby girl and wondered how similar or how different she would be from me.

Thursday she turned five months old. Time seems to be flying with this baby. I attempted to stuff her into a size 3 month dress the other day without thinking....I quickly removed it when I realized that she was turning an unfortunate shade of blue due to lack of circulation in her extremities. Sometimes at night I stare at her laying in my arms...just like she did on her birth day...and dream of who she will be.

Will she twirl around our living room in a pink princess dress or push cars around on the floor (or better yet do both simultaneously)?

Will she be a little chatterbox like her brother or the silent, contemplative type? (Some days I hope for number two, but I am pretty certain we have another talker on our hands.)

Will she blossom in the social spotlight or prefer to stand in the shadows just a bit?

Will she have a flair for the dramatic like her mommy or be practical like her daddy?

Will she write some silly boy's name all over her school notebooks and come home crying with a broken heart one day?

Will she one day announce her plans to attend college hundreds of miles away or stick close to home?

Will she be a beautiful bride in a long, flowing gown as her father walks her down the aisle or decide to tackle life alone for awhile?

Will she have a career, lots of babies, or both?

Will she look back on her life with a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of family or wish she had done things slightly different?

I am not quite sure what or who this little girl will become, although I am pretty sure whatever it is, it will be great.

While Miss E. is busy being five months old, this little boy is attempting to fill his daddy's shoes....they're pretty big shoes to fill, but I think he is up to the challenge.


JenniferReinsch said...

I talked to my mom this evening, and she said that they really enjoyed getting to see Isaac and Evelyn (and you and Tobe) this weekend. Wish I could have been there.

Kelly said...

So cute! I wonder about those type of things all of the time. I'm so curious what things that they do now that will be consistent with their personalities later in life...a little glimpse into who they already are?

Laura said...

Enjoyed the insight. It makes changing their diapers & wiping their bottoms seem a little more interesting!

Amy said...

I love little kids in their mommy's or daddy's shoes:-) Evelyn is getting more beautiful every time I see her (pic) :-)

Erika said...

That actually brought tears to my eyes--so sweet.

Kellan said...

What beautiful kids and those are great photos. Time does just fly by.