Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Firsts" on this First Day of Fall

The windows are open, the crisp breeze is blowing through my bedroom curtains...Fall is here.

I am sure the hot temperatures will return at least a few more times before cool weather actually settles into our region to stay for a few months, however today I am embracing our lower temps and welcoming autumn.

Hello, September 22nd. I have been waiting on you.

In celebration of this first day of fall, I wanted to share some recent "firsts" that have occurred around casa de phillips.

Isaac had his first jail experience... Then he had his first jailer experience, when he quickly placed his sister behind bars...

Finally he had his first conductor experience...

All of these firsts happened over the weekend at our local street festival. The family had a glorious time stuffing our faces full of kettle korn (we *heart* kettle korn here at casa de phillips), seeing the sites (such as the above jail) and shelling out big bucks for the kiddie rides.

Another first that occurred at casa de phillips was E.'s first time to wear for-real, genuine, little girl pigtails. I know I have discussed E.'s hair in length on this blog, but it has been such a process attempting to grow her mane of hair. Although the sides have yet to come in (still baby hair) and it is all sorts of uneven, I was able to get all of it in pigtails yesterday morning. Being the smart girl that she is, Miss E. understood the significance of such an occasion.

Check out that grin...

Another first that happened was Isaac's first successful time riding a big boy bike.

We trekked down to our neighborhood park which has a great area for practicing some riding skills. After a heated debate over whether or not he has to wear a helmet (it was a non-negotiable...no helmet, no bike), he set off. Bless his heart, his mother is not the athletic-type. Although I can ride a bike (and owned one until recently), I was not the best at explaining exactly what he should do on the bike. Fortunately, the process came naturally to him.

Isaac also experienced his first bike wreck, which is a blessing in disguise. He fell over and his head/helmet made a loud thump on the concrete. He was perfectly fine, but now understands the importance of wearing that helmet all the time. He needed no encouragement to jump back up on that bike and give it another try.

Even thought my children have never seen an episode of The Office, last night they had their first "Parkour" experience (is it an experience?). Seriously, it was the funniest thing I have seen in years. We do not know what possessed the children, but they were jumping and tumbling and throwing their little bodies every which way. Tobe and I were laughing so hard we did not have the sense to video such a scene.

Here is the real "Parkour" from last week's Office:

What is a "first" that has occurred in your house this week?

To celebrate these "firsts" and to welcome this glorious first day of Fall, we will be feasting on some homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls after dinner. Normally I do not bake during the week, but the cooler temperatures inspired me. Interested in the recipe? Check it out here.

Happy Fall!


Jordan said...

Okay, this is the craziest thing! I got a hankering for something "pumpkin-y" today, too, so I decided to make pumpkin scones. I went to Wally World and there was NO PUMPKIN! Not even one little can. I went to United and there was NO PUMPKIN there, either. Highly frustrating and then I gave up. Maybe next week I'll attempt your pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I'm not a very good baker so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the recipe!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Look at E's pigtails blowing in the wind. So cute!

Shanta said...

I thought it was "hard core!" That's so funny. What do I know? I also used to sing Toto's hit, "I left my brains down in Ah-frica."
Well, maybe I did.

P.S. my verification was "hyper." Well, maybe I am.

DKDFW said...

Michael Scott: Did you pee on a stick?

Jim Halpert: Yes, but it was inconclusive