Monday, September 14, 2009

Life on Planet Mom...MOPS 2009

Despite the fact that many people in our area are contemplating building a boat due to the extensive rainfall we have been blessed with since Thursday, the children and I loaded up in the family station wagon this morning and set out for our first MOPS meeting of the school year.

See how excited the children were to attend MOPS?

(Yes, they wore jeans. The temperatures were in the 70's...something we haven't experienced since April. I jumped at the chance to make their outfits look a bit more "fall-ish")

Actually, they were thrilled because they love them some Moppets (the children's equivalent to MOPS...and they should love it considering I am now in charge of Moppets). They especially love when Fruit Loops are served for snack and they get to play in the church gym...both of which occurred today. Although they could only vaguely recall that the Bible story was about David and Johnathan, they both could give a play-by-play of who rode which Little Tikes car and for how long.

Ah, the wonders of childhood.

Today's MOPS meeting was great. One of our fabulous mentor moms spoke about how a healthy homelife is created by an intentional mom. There are days when I really focus on being a perky mom or a disciplined mom or a slightly sane mom...but often times I simply scurry about my day without much intention. I get lost in the routine, in the struggle to feed two children and a husband, in the quest to read random people's Facebook updates, and in life in general. Being intentional needs to be more of a focus for me.

Our main speaker was a local counselor who spoke to us about Parenting with Love and Logic. Being a former special education teacher, I have gone through several Love and Logic trainings and have read several of the books. Although there are a few aspects of Love and Logic I am not 100% on board with, I think it is an excellent resource for anyone dealing with children. It was great to have a reminder of how to empathize with one's children rather than constantly expressing frustration. I found myself utilizing a few of the tactics before the children and I even pulled out of the parking lot on our way home.

Two years ago when I joined MOPS I did not know what to expect. I did not know anyone in the group, had never walked through the doors of that particular church, and had an infant and a clinging toddler to pass off to strange childcare workers. It was one of the smartest moves I have made as a stay-at-home mom. I found a place where I could connect with fellow moms, eat a tasty breakfast, have a break from my children, hear some great speakers (She was the first speaker I ever heard at right up my alley, huh?), and make friends.

Are you involved in a MOPS group? If so, how has it changed your experience as a mom?


Stephanie said...

:) This made me smile, I'm glad you like us, you really like us! ha. I really enjoyed today as well and Natalee was thrilled with her craft. I am so glad you joined MOPS and that you are now on the steering committee with us even though we are crazy and random!

Heather said...

I started going to MOPS last year, with a 3 month old. I, too, wasn't sure how I'd ever give her over to someone else for even a few hours. But, because I live out in the country, with no friends around, I knew I needed it. When our meetings went 3 weeks in between instead of 2, I had a rough third week. The time I had to miss because my daughter was sick, I bawled. I need that community. Now, I'm a table leader and I'm so looking forward to this year!

Robin said...

I joined a MOPS group when we moved to Dallas 3 years ago. I didn't know a soul here and did it to meet people and to have some "me" time (since I had an 18 month old and was pregnant). But that is just the beginning of all the great things that have resulted!! I can't say enough good things about my MOPS friends...they have supported and encouraged me through two births and a mastectomy. Definitely worth the dues!


Samantha said...

I haven't joined MOPS, but being a Mommy of and 18 month old, I was really curious to find out what it was about when it started popping up all over church signs when school was starting. It sounds like just thing I need! When we get to our next duty station, I'll be looking up a group. Thank you!