Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Discoveries

The husband and I would most likely be considered to be a chatty couple. Whereas some married couples have issues with communication, Tobe and I sometimes have trouble with too much communication. The two of us can sit around and talk for hours. After eight years of marriage, six (?) semesters of friendship, thousands of hours spent on the phone, and countless words passed between emails; the two of us still have quite a bit to say to each other.

Sometimes the conversations are lively, sometimes they are mumbled as we veg in front of the television, and sometimes a certain little boy and little girl join in on the chatter.

Because we have known each other for so long now and because we talk A LOT, there are quite a few stories or antics that we have told the other person repeatedly. In fact, Tobe can likely tell some of my high school stories better than I can at this point and I can relay a plethora of music trivia unknown to me before we married.

Occasionally we come across a random piece of information that we have yet to share with each other, a tidbit of life that has yet to have been discussed. These times are rare, but also prove to be comical and enlightening.

For example, last night the husband and I were sitting together on the couch watching some football and chatting. It was during this conversation that it somehow came to my attention that Tobe was not quite sure how to call the Hogs.

I about choked on my drink when I heard such a proclamation, especially when he attempted to engage in this behavior of my homestate, beginning it with a "Whoa" rather than a "Woo." After a brief lesson and a promise never to use the word "whoa" again when referring to the Razorbacks, our conversation resumed and we had a lovely evening.

Next Saturday I plan on teaching him the fight song.

What is something you recently learned about a longtime friend or spouse?

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Specks said...

Trav does unbelievable impersonations of just about any one he meets~ I did not know this about him until years into our marriage. I also just recently realized that my mom is basically ampidextrious (sp?) and can do almost anything with both hands~ how did I miss this amazing skill while growing up!??! You SEC people are so weird~ ha! I can say that because I thought the SEC was the Securities and Exchange Commission ONLY until I met Trav and was introduced to the love of all things Peyton Manning, orange and white, the scandalous Rocky Top song, etc.